video interview with Constance Wu who plays investigative journalist Katie Buranek

We made a video interview with Constance Wu, co-star actress of the action thriller series Terminal List available on Prime Video.

You may have noticed and perhaps started seeing the new action thriller series Terminal List, for a few days available exclusively on Prime Video. If you liked the series Jack Reacher And Jack Ryan, you cannot miss this new arrival and decide for yourself if it is up to those who preceded it. Serious, vengeful and sometimes brutal, Terminal List offers the first role without any irony for Chris Prattwhich from the fantasy action of Jurassic World And Guardians of the Galaxy, goes on to interpret a dramatic character and with not a few traumas to be disposed of. The actor plays a Navy Seal that during a military operation in the Middle East he sees his comrades die in an ambush and, once back home, he is convinced that behind the failure of that mission there are unscrupulous people he intends to find.

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A character who helps the James Reece of Pratt in the pursuit of villains, it is the journalist Katie Buranek who has the face of the actress Constance Wu. In the series, this woman is an indomitable investigator who aims to uncover the atrocities of the powerful and publish them in the newspaper she works for. Katie turns out to be a precious ally of James Reece, although he tends to exclude her from her so as not to expose her to her danger. Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1982, the actress is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and has always been attracted to acting. She rose to fame with the hit comedy of 2018 Crazy & Rich.
Below you can see ours video interview made with Constance Wu.

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Beyond Chris Pratt And Constance Wuthe cast of Terminal List also includes Taylor Kitsch, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, Jai Courtney, JD Pardo, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Gunn, Jared Shaw And Christina Vidal. The series follows James Reece who, after watching his Navy SEAL team die in an ambush during a covert operation, returns home to his family in a confused state. Memories of that event are clouded as the suspicion rises that someone has betrayed them. Reece goes in search of evidence with the help of a reporter, but realizes that dark forces are working against him, endangering not only his life but also those of those he loves.

Watch Terminal List on Prime Video now

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