video shows the renewed workbenches of the remake for PS5 and PC –

Naughty Dog has posted a new one on Twitter video from The Last of Us Part 1where the improvements made to the work benches in the remake for PS5 and PC, which include new animations and the integration of haptic feedback for the Dualsense.

During the course of the adventure Joel can interact with the workbenches scattered around the settings of The Last of Us Part 1 to modify weapons and apply various upgrades using the components collected.

In the clip, game director Matthew Gallant explains that unlike the original in The Last of Us Part 1, some custom animations depending on the weapon Joel handled and the type of modification performed. The workbenches have also undergone some aesthetic tweaks to ensure that they integrate perfectly into the various settings of the game.

“In the original game, the workbench was mostly a UI menu, but in The Last of Us Part 1 we have these custom animations, where you see Joel swapping the weapon components,” says Gallant. “Each workbench has been beautifully integrated into the game environments”

As mentioned at the beginning, the developers of Naughty Dog have also made some haptic feedback for the specific PS5 Dualsense depending on the type of action performed by Joel at the workbenches of The Last of Us Part 1.

“We have some haptic feedback for the controller. This also applies to the new workbench animations. So if you see Joel disassemble a gun or mount a new stock you will get specific haptic feedback.”

The Last of Us Part 1 will be available starting in September 2 for PS5while the PC version will arrive at a later date, “very soon” according to a developer Naughty Dog.

Last week, a new video from the remake leaked online showing one of the game’s most important scenes.

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