Viewfinder unmanned aerial vehicles after verification checks

Verification checks were carried out at the site of the 21st Nadarzyce Central Aviation Training Ground, at the airport in Sochaczew and at the training ground provided by the Military Institute of Armament Technology. They ended with a positive result. Their conduct was part of the procedure, assuming the purchase of 25 mini-class UAVs.

They are intended for use in the Land Forces at the battalion level. Negotiations with the contractor, which is a consortium led by Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, are still ongoing. The current procedure for BSP Wizjer has been ongoing since 2018. The previous ones were canceled in 2016, after reassessing the existence of the Basic State Security Interest. Polish private companies could also take part in that procedure, while in the current one – only state-owned entities. The aforementioned NeoX-2 (Duch) unmanned aerial vehicle was developed by ITWL, and its production is to be carried out by the companies of the Polish Armaments Group. According to previous information, the mass of the entire system in the portable version (carried in a backpack) does not exceed 50 kg (the take-off weight of the unmanned aerial vehicle itself is 12 kg). The flight speed is 60 km / h to 140 km / h, the operating altitude is 100 to 1000 meters, and the maximum flight altitude is 4000 m. The operating range is up to 35 km and the flight time is over 3.5 hours. It has three flight modes: circling around an indicated object, flight along a predetermined route or following the direction indicated by the observation head. Preparation time for flight is up to 15 minutes. NeoX-2 has an optoelectronic head with thermal and TV cameras. The unmanned aerial vehicle has the function of automatic take-off and landing with a parachute and an air cushion at a given point. In addition, it can be operated by two operators and has a secure data encryption system AES-256 with the possibility of entering keys encoded at the frequency level

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