Viki Gabor as Ariana Grande. Check out the new number and clip of the singer

Viki Gabor as Ariana Grande.  Check out the new number and clip of the singer

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With an accuracy almost to the day, a year ago Viki Gabor released her debut album, where she surprised the listeners with her maturity, sensational English-language songs and charisma, which can be envied by older colleagues. The album was covered with gold, and singles on YouTube gained hundreds of millions of views.

Although a lot has changed professionally in the life of the fourteen-year-old over the last few months, privately Viki decided to calm down a bit and focus on creating new material.

The first effect of work in the studio is the single “Moonlight”, which Viki created together with Jeremi Sikorski and Mikołaj Trybulec. The piece opens a new chapter in the artist’s career – the single, which is not so common with Vika, is mostly in Polish and deals with dilemmas in her everyday life. “Moonlight” is also a tribute to the fans, and at the same time Vika’s idol – Ariana Grande.

“I discover a lot of new sounds and experiment. I am glad that I can do it at this stage and create my own vibe in small steps. I get a lot of R&B from the 90s and early 2000s, and follow the news as well. Currently, HER, Biggie, Summer Walker and Burna Boy reign on my cakes. Of course, my work is still influenced by Ariana. An interesting process for me was to write a song that is both very personal, and I think it will move my fans, and at the same time pay a tribute to Ari and refer to her music with some measures. Does “Moonlight” define my material? Probably a little early for me to say. I will definitely rely heavily on interesting beats and I will not give up my English, which I feel very comfortable in. “ – says Viki.

A music video was created for the song, which loosely carries a universal message that it is important to be yourself, not paying attention to comments from others or generally accepted standards. The music video was directed by Dawid Ziemba.

The latest single was released under the Sony Music Entertainment Poland label, with which Viki has recently signed a new record contract.

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