Viki Gabor as Ariana Grande in the single “Moonlight”

Viki Gabor decided to pay tribute to her idol Ariana Grande. Listen to her latest single Moonlight!

Viki Gabor and her dance start to the school year

Exactly a year after the release of the debut album Getaway (Into My Imagination), Viki Gabor comes back with a complete novelty. It is a proposal that will take you to the next school year with a dance and moon step. It is not without reason that the action of the music video accompanying the singer’s latest single – Moonlight, takes place in school hallways and after school teenage party!

Viki Gabor Moonlight
Viki Gabor, photo: Piotr Rybiński

Viki Gabor in the moonlight

After the wave of successes, recognition and awards with which the debut material met Viki, the artist did not rest on her laurels. On the contrary – despite the many absorbing changes and collaborations that took place in the meantime, the fourteen-year-old singer focused on calming down, focusing and working on new material, which has already resulted in the first effects.

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Viki Gabor Moonlight
Viki Gabor – “Moonlight”, single cover

On his latest single Moonlight, Viki collaborated with Jeremim Sikorski and Mikołaj Trybulec With Night Line. In the song, the singer talks about the dilemmas of her everyday life. The song is also a tribute to the fans of the artist and her idols – Ariany Grande, whose inspirations can be heard in Moonlight. The author herself writes about her latest single:

I discover a lot of new sounds and experiment. I am glad that I can do it at this stage and create my own vibe in small steps. I get a lot of R&B from the 90s and early 2000s, and follow the news as well. Currently, HER, Biggie, Summer Walker and Burna Boy reign on my cakes. Of course, my work is still influenced by Ariana. An interesting process for me was to write a song that is both very personal, and I think it will move my fans, and at the same time pay a tribute to Ari and refer to her music with some measures. Does “Moonlight” define my material? I guess it’s still a bit early for me to say. I will definitely rely heavily on interesting bits and not give up English, which I feel very comfortable in.

Viki Gabor – Moonlight, see the music video for the single!

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