Viki Gabor sings like Ariana Grande. Jej cover God is a woman

Viki Gabor
Author: Tadeusz Wypych / REPORTER

Everyone knows that Viki Gabor is a huge fan of Ariana Grande. No wonder the young star included one of the American singer’s hits in her concert repertoire. I am talking about the song God is a woman. Listening to the performance of the Eurovision Junior 2019 winner, it’s hard not to get the impression that you are listening to the original. Check it out for yourself.

Viki Gabor – cover Ariana Grande’s hit song performed by the teenage singer was well received by fans who had the opportunity to see her concert in Mińsk Mazowiecki. The Eurovision Junior winner performed there on the occasion of Children’s Day. Interestingly, it was the star’s first full-fledged concert attended by the audience. Viki Gabor released her album Getaway (Into My Imagination) in September 2020. Due to the pandemic, however, she did not have many opportunities to present singles from it. Promotion was mainly limited to television appearances. Viki sang, among others, in the final of Dancing with the Stars, Miss Poland Teen 2020 or Eurovision Junior 2020, which took place in Warsaw. Now it’s time for the first real show.

During the nearly hour-long concert, the audience could hear not only the material from Viki’s debut album, but also a cover of the great hit of her idol Ariana Grande. The thirteen-year-old took the song God is a woman and showed that she is as great as Ari.

Viki Gabor sings Ariana

Listening to the hit God is a woman performed by Viki Gabor, you get the impression that you are listening to the original performed by Ariana Grande. The performer of the hits Superhero and Hand in hand proved that she copes well with the foreign repertoire, and Ariana is her idol for a reason. Below we present the full record of the concert that appeared on the web. If you’re only interested in the performance of God is a woman, it starts at the 27th minute of the show.

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