Viki Gabor’s metamorphosis on Fryderyki is impressive! Fans compared her to Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez

Viki Gabor appeared at the Fryderyk hand in style. The young singer presented the award in the company of Kayah. Her remarkable styling and hairstyle made a great impression on her attention. The Eurovision winner Junior chose a modern bottle green jumpsuit, and on her head we could admire a storm of curls. She published photos from the ceremony on her Instagram. Thanks to the photos posted, we can get a better look at what she looked like. Fans decided to compliment the young star in crowds. Posts of observers delighted with her hairstyle and outfit appeared under the photos. She has even been compared to Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

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Fans ask Viki Gabor for advice. She wrote to Ariana Grande herself

Viki Gabor has undergone a metamorphosis. What did it look like at Fryderyki 2021?

Viki Gabor appeared on Fryderyki completely changed! The young singer was nominated for Music Video of the Year and accompanied Kayah to the award ceremony. Although she did not receive the statuette, many pairs of eyes were directed at her. All thanks to her remarkable styling and amazing hairstyle! On the artist’s head, we could admire the storm of curls, to which the hairdresser had to spend a lot of time. The hairstyle was completed with an outfit, which was cut in the style characteristic of the singer. Viki Gabor rather avoids dresses, and we see her more often in pants or suits. This time she was wearing a bottle green jumpsuit. It was decorated with modern cutouts and had a geometric cut. The long sleeves had cutouts on the shoulders, and the pants were made in oversize.

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Viki Gabor has changed her hairstyle! The fans complimented the storm of the artist’s curls

Viki Gabor has a loyal following of fans of all ages who follow her next bold career steps. Over 600,000 people follow her on Instagram. The winner of “The Voice Kids” has just her 5 minutes and you can see that she intends to use them 100 percent. The young celebrity on Instagram published photos from the Fryderyka 2021 gala. Thanks to this, we could take a closer look at her unique outfit and hairstyle. It was she who made the most confusion in the comments. The fans were delighted!

Oh my god, this hairstyle is amazing

one of the comments sounded.

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Fans compared Viki Gabor to Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez!

The original hairstyle of Viki Gabor prompted her fans to make comparisons. It turns out that observers see great potential in the star of the young generation. It is not only related to her talent, but also to the appearance that, according to fans, resembles world-class stars. The young celebrity was compared to the greatest singers who once performed in very similar hairstyles.

You look like Beyonce!

So cool! Like Jennifer Lopez

See this similarity?

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