Vin Diesel wishes Paul Walker a happy birthday: ‘Forever brother’

vin diesel I remembered the life of Paul Walker Early on Wednesday the 13th, the actor posted a photo and a long post on Instagram to congratulate his friend, who will turn 50 on Tuesday the 12th.

+ Paul Walker: ‘Fast and Furious’ star turns 50 today

Star of the movie series “in a furious mannerdied at the age of 40 on November 30, 2013, when his friend Roger Rodas’ car collided with a light pole and two trees in Santa Clarita, USA.

Vin Diesel lamented in his post: “10 years… 10 years… and yet it seems like just yesterday we turned 40 and were singing “Happy Birthday”!” The world is not the same, brother… As a species, I It can be said that we are struggling. But I’m thinking of you, smiling, and knowing that everything will be okay,” he began.

“I was looking through images to celebrate this holy day. Memories flashed before me, one better than the other… But I couldn’t get over this. Funny In particular, a little angel came into the office and looked over my shoulder. “This is such a timeless photo, Dad…a photo that will live on for generations of humanity.” Of course he turned around and said, No (lol), a boy doesn’t need to see his dad roll his eyes. On the way out, he said, “That’s why I want to build a car for him,” Vin Diesel continued.

“He hasn’t been born yet. Seven months later, you’re going to tell the ‘Fast’ staff and production staff, ‘Vin needs to go to New York to pick up his son.’ You had the ability to direct everyone, including the entire body of work, to what is important in life. ”

The actor then recalled his friend’s passion for helping others, saying, “For me, this photo represents the moment I knew we would be brothers forever.” In January 2010, you and I traveled to Haiti. The night before you went… the passion and joy you had for helping people. You said first responders don’t have to wait for anyone… and that you wanted to dedicate your life to it. First Responder…that’s who you really are, and you shared that with me, your brother. To this day, if you look up ‘first responder’ in the dictionary, you’ll see a photo of yourself. I think you’ll find it.”

And he concluded: “I’d like to think that in the ’50s we’d be cutting the cake and singing Happy Birthday, but we probably won’t…because you’ll be in Maui or Morocco or somewhere down the road. kara” An earth where people are in trouble. I miss you…I love you and will continue to honor your beautiful soul. happy birthday. “

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Posted by: Vin Diesel
Posted by: Vin Diesel (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

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