Vincent Cassel facing a costly divorce with Tina Kunakey? Everything was calculated (photo)

After six years of marriage with Tina Kunakey, Vincent Cassel may be facing a difficult separation. The signs point to a possible divorce and fans seem convinced of this inevitable outcome. And it could cost the skin of the buttocks to the emeritus actor.

The reactions on social networks were not long in coming. Under a photo of the attractive brunette, Internet users gave free rein to their comments.

Some express their nostalgia for the couple she formed with Vincent Cassel: “We miss her relationship with Cassel”, while others express their reluctance towards their union: “Well no! How awful ! He is way too old. »

Other comments hint that Tina Kunakey deserves better, especially in terms of charisma. Some even have doubts about the young woman’s intentions: “I think everything has been calculated by this young lady, don’t worry. She knew what she was doing, nothing was trivial!! »

The financial aspect does not go unnoticed either. Some netizens are speculating about Tina Kunakey’s possible alimony claims, given the standard of living to which her marriage gave her access. Speculation is rife as to the sum she could claim and how she could quantify her union with Vincent Cassel.

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