Vincent Cassel’s mother shares a souvenir photo with her ex-stepdaughter Monica Bellucci

Sabine Cassel-Lanfranchi shared this Thursday August 10 on her Instagram account a snapshot of her and Monica Bellucci. Screenshot Instagram @casselsab

This Thursday, August 10, on Instagram, Sabine Cassel-Lanfranchi, the actor’s mother, brought out a snapshot from her archives showing all the affection she retains for her former daughter-in-law.

The years pass and the memories remain. Some in-laws remain in contact with their ex-son-in-law or daughter-in-law for years after the breakup. This is the case of Sabine Cassel-Lanfranchi, the mother of actor Vincent Cassel, who shares this Thursday August 10 on her Instagram account a snapshot of her and her former daughter-in-law, Monica Bellucci.

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“We were young”

“Happy days” (“happy days” in French), she wrote in the caption of this publication. In this vintage photo, probably dating from the late 90s-early 2000s, when Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci were living the beginnings of their romance, we see the Italian actress hugging the one who was her step- mother. “We were young” (“we were young”, in French), concludes the former editor-in-chief of the gastronomic pages of the American edition of the magazine Shewho continues to refer to Monica Bellucci as her daughter-in-law.

As a reminder, Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel met in 1996 and stayed together for 17 years. They had two daughters, Deva (2004) and Léonie (2010), both born in Rome. Since their divorce, the Italian has found love again, most recently in the arms of American director Tim Burton. The Caesarized actor meanwhile remarried in 2018 to model Tina Kunakey, with whom he gave birth to their daughter Amazon, a year later.

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