Viola basketball defeat against San Vendemiano

There Purple basketball faced the rucker San Vendemiano of the former Gobbato. The boys of coach Bolignano they played a good match right from the first minutes of the game, up to half-time and beyond. The last portion of the game was decisive, the opponents managed to reverse the fate of the match by winning two important points for the continuation of their championship. The standings, on the other hand, remain deficient for the neroarancio, there are only eight points for the team of Reggio Calabria.


Marchini’s triple opens the match, Vedovato replies. Several errors per team. Hunchbacked for the guests, Balic replies. 5 to 4 the score. Hadzic places the triple for overtaking San Vendemiano. Davis earns the line, transforms both free throws at his disposal. Gobbato brings the score to 7 – 10 with his triple. Marchini’s hook is worth the -1 of Pallacanestro Viola. Davis picks up Balic’s pass for overtaking black and orange. Nervousness in the offensive phase for guests. Marchini places the triple of +4 for the hosts. Marchini scores, earns the line, misses the overtime after the Time Out called by Mian. Dieng misses from the line after the foul the technician attributed to Davis. 16 to 12 the score less than a minute from the end of the first half of the game. Nicoli approaches him, Farina’s attempt is not successful. Thus ends the first quarter with a score of 16 to 15.


Triple of Columbus. The same player brings the score to 16 – 20. Marchini is suspended for the black-orange -2. Vedovato in hook for 18 to 22, Vedovato again with a dunk that is worth +6 of the guests. Time Out by coach Bolignano. Davis taps in for 20 to 24, Hadzic replies. Spizzichini attacks the iron making the score 22 to 26. Davis on the hook for the -2 neroarancio. Marchini suspended due to the temporary draw. Dieng for the 26 to 28. The triple from Balic for the new pass by Pallacanestro Viola. Again from three, this time Marchini for the +4 of the neroarancio. Gobbato realizes and suffers a foul, converts the overtime, Balic responds from three. Sanguinetti for 35 to 33. Baldini equalizes the match with less than a minute left in the second quarter. After two attempts from three, one for each team, it goes to the long interval on 35 to 35.


Injury for Marchini. Tripla di Farina, answers Gobbato. Provenzani for three. Score 41 to 38. Vedovato from below for the -1 of the opponents. Davis penetrates for the +3 of Viola Basketball. Provenzani brings the score to 45-40. Hunchbacked for -3 by neroarancio. Again Gobbato from below for the -1 of the guests. Farina’s triple is worth 48 to 44. Davis from below for +6 neroarancio. Hadzic from the line converts only one shot of the two available. Balic for the +7 of Purple Basketball. Colombo goes to the basket, Spizzichini replies. On 54 to 47, after various attempts by both teams, the third quarter of the game ends.


Baldini for 54 to 49. Hadzic brings his team to -3. Baldini earns the line, converts both free throws. Provenzani suspended for 56 to 53. Excellent game by Baldini, -1 for the opponents. Farina’s triple is worth 58 to 55. Baldini converts only one free throw from the two available from the foul line. Hadzic crushes for the momentary draw.

Final stages of the match

Baldini from below for 58 to 60. Vedovato for his +4. Time Out called by Bolignano. Davis earns the line, converts both free throws. Hadzic earns the lineup, two out of two for him. Spizzichini suffers a foul, one out of two from the line. Vedovato for 61 to 66. Balic’s attempt from long range, Hadzic earns the foul line with less than thirty seconds to go and scores both free throws. Spizzichini from the line doesn’t miss both attempts. Time Out called by Mian. Baldini transforms both free throws from the line. Time Out of Bolignano. Farina’s triple made it 66 to 70 and rekindled the hopes of the neroarancio. Vedovato from the line makes one out of two, Balic places a triple, Nicoli replies. Thus ends the match with a score of 69 to 73.

The scoreboard

Pall. Viola Reggio Calabria – Rucker San Vendemiano 69-73 (16-15, 19-20, 19-12, 15-26)

Pall. Viola Reggio Calabria: Davide Marchini 17 (4/7, 3/7), Giambattista Davis 14 (5/6, 0/1), Amar Balic 13 (2/3, 3/7), Simone Farina 11 (1/4 , 3/9), Stefano Spizzichini 7 (2/7, 0/2), Vincenzo Provenzani 7 (2/4, 1/3), Federico Bischetti 0 (0/0, 0/0), Michelangelo Laquintana 0 (0 /2, 0/1), Alessandro Musolino 0 (0/0, 0/0), Alessandro rosario Ziino 0 (0/0, 0/0)

Free throws: 7 / 9 – Rebounds: 28 4 + 24 (Stefano Spizzichini 9) – Assists: 14 (Amar Balic 7)

Rucker San Vendemiano: Jacopo Vedovato 17 (8/11, 0/0), Damir Hadzic 14 (3/4, 1/6), Giacomo Baldini 13 (4/8, 0/2), Enrico Maria Gobbato 11 (2/ 2, 2/5), Luca Colombo 7 (2/4, 1/1), Matteo Nicoli 5 (1/2, 1/3), Omar Dieng 4 (2/4, 0/1), Giacomo Sanguinetti 2 ( 1/2, 0/5), Samuel Sackey 0 (0/1, 0/0), Alexander Abraham 0 (0/0, 0/0)

Free throws: 12 / 16 – Rebounds: 37 5 + 32 (Jacopo Vedovato 11) – Assists: 14 (Damir Hadzic 4)


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