Viola Davis: the ten best movies and TV series to watch now

Denzel Washington’s cathartic reworking of the true story of a sailor (Derek Luke) born in prison, adopted by an abusive family, and who ends up joining the U.S. Navy to find purpose in life, ends with a painful reunion with his mother (Davis ) who abandoned it. The delicate interpretation of him will make you cry.

2. The doubt (Prime Video)

The doubt (2008)

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This heavy-hued fresco set in the 1960s features Viola Davis as Mrs. Miller, the mother of the first black child, Donald, admitted to the strict Catholic school in the Bronx. The principal, Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep), at the suggestion of a sister (Amy Adams), begins to have suspicions about the particular attention that the parish priest and teacher Father Fynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) gives to the child. Thus began the superior’s crusade to discover the truth, with no holds barred. The family and the community pay the price for this investigation, to the extreme.
In just eight minutes on-screen, Davis conveys the shock, frustration, anger, and despair of a mother whose child may be abused by a priest in John Patrick Shanley’s high-voltage thriller. She even goes so far as to overshadow her stage partner, the revered Meryl Streep, who plays a suspicious nun.

3. The rules of the perfect crime (Netflix)

The pop consecration came with one of Shonda Rhimes’ series (Bridgerton, Grey’s Anatomy), which stars Viola Davis as a lawyer and criminal procedure teacher, Annalize Keating. Trapped in an unhappy marriage and the keeper of uncomfortable secrets, she brings together a group of elite students who mold her image and likeness to her. Witty, unscrupulous and even Machiavellian, she lives her private life and career on a roller coaster, between lies, half-truths and various concealments (yes, even of corpses … and they are not the classic skeletons in the closet). It is not surprising that the pupils follow her example in all respects.

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