Violent clash between Jets and Cowboys fans at AT&T Stadium

IAnger erupted and fists flew as fans got into a heated argument. fierce conflict It left the promenade covered in blood. AT&T Stadium in dallas he Sunday. .

of videooriginally published on social media platform Xcaptured a heated altercation between the Jets and Cowboys during the game.

Battle Royale at AT&T Stadium

The altercation involved multiple fans, two of whom were wearing T-shirts. “Oh, I’m Jet.” It looks like they’re teaming up and competing against each other. cowboys fans On a Dak Prescott T-shirt.

The conflict escalated rapidly; cowboys fans suffered injuries including bleeding in left eyebefore the three of them fell to the ground.

At the same time, another Fight, two men are wrestling on the ground. Event staff, cowboys fan Concerned, they rushed to intervene to separate the conflicting parties.

In the midst of the chaos, I heard the cries of a fanatic. “Jerry”probably referring to its owner. cowboysJerry Jones. When the situation started to calm down, cowboys fans The injured man was escorted from the scene, but jets fans They assessed his bloody clothes.

Bloody evidence was caught on video

The video also showed fans of. jets Her face was covered in blood and she was holding a napkin to stop the flow of blood. Drops of blood could be seen on the promenade, and some spectators filmed the scene on their cellphones. It is unclear if anyone was seriously injured during the altercation or if police were called to the scene.

There are doubts about the existence of police and Security guard Nearby locations such as NFL stadiums are usually well staffed police officer And they hired security guards.No visible police presence during the incident violent incident This raises concerns about fan safety. sporting event.

There was a fierce clash in the stands, but on the field the Dallas Cowboys dominated the New York Jets by a final score of 10-30.


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