Violette reveals the myth of Parisian style: “French women don’t seem effortless, they are effortless”

Violette, Guerlain’s creative director of make-up, tells the myth of Parisian style

Elegant and volcanic creative, Violette is part of that generation of French people who have picked up the baton from Inès de La Fressange, Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve. Attractive and cool, with her openly Parisian style she revolutionized social media, but unlike Camille Charrière or Jeanne Damas, her strong point is not fashion, but beauty. Creative director of make-up of Guerlain for less than a year, it has brought a breath of fresh air to the French maison that boasts nearly two centuries of history.

“Guerlain is the high fashion of beauty. In the factory there is a person who has the sole task of examining each lipstick Rouge G – one of those adored by the French – per 30 seconds to make sure it’s perfect. If it detects the slightest defect, it sends it back to the production department. The météorites? They are handmade. I don’t know of any brand that continues to work with that level of craftsmanship and perfectionism today, “reveals Violette.

In this interview, Guerlain’s creative director talks about the Parisian style and the relationship between make-up and well-being, which can sometimes even become toxic.

What is the best tool to enhance natural beauty?
Whatever makes you feel good. It can be red lips and nothing else, or a blue eyeshadow. Make-up is very personal and doesn’t have as many rules as it might seem. For some it is something that makes them look fresh and rested: for this, the concealer is excellent; you can spread it wherever you want, dab it with your fingers and it seems like we have slept for twelve hours.

What is the most common make-up mistake we make?
It depends. There are women who do they make up too much, because they think they need it. There are also people who do not dare to color because they believe it is not suitable for them. I think the biggest obstacle is the amount of preconceived ideas we have about make-up: what we should look like, what products we should use … and often they’re not necessarily true. It’s hard to be objective when it comes to our appearance. For example, I have been convinced for years that I cannot wear eyeliner; completely false, it was just my idea. There are also women who believe they don’t have to use red lipstick because they have lips too thin, and this too is a mistake. More than errors, they are obstacles that we impose on ourselves.
When it comes to choosing a shade, we need to think about what color amazes us, which one we would like to experiment with, not the one that suits our age or fits us in theory. In general, we don’t dare to experiment with make-up, while I would like to encourage everyone to do it, because they will discover a new version of themselves.

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