Viral EA FC 24 goal clip featuring Neymar Jr shows off trickster playstyle

EA FC 24’s Early Access has now been released worldwide for gamers who have purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game, and a clip of Neymar Jr.’s goal has already gone viral on social media. Not only is the aim spectacular and extremely efficient, but it also reflects the dominant nature of the all-new Trickster playstyle.

The clip is from Ozilla, a popular Ultimate Team content creator on Twitter who is famous for his flashy skill moves and ridiculously idiosyncratic goals. With a new playstyle system in EA FC 24 as well as a number of skills, Ozil has already begun to showcase his power with crazy goals against his opponents, including Neymar Jr’s goal.

Neymar Jr owns the Trickster playstyle in EA FC 24

PlayStyles are a new addition to EA FC 24, which serves as a more refined and stronger version of last years traits. These styles allow virtual footballers to perform far beyond their statistics, giving them abilities based on their style of play in real life. Since Neymar is a generational talent who is notorious for taking on defenders with flashy maneuvers, it is no surprise that he has a trick playing style.

The round clip itself is absolutely ridiculous. While most gamers are still getting used to the feel of the new game, it seems like Ozilla has already mastered the controls. He bounces the ball with Neymar using a new skill move and then expertly sends the ball into the back of the net with a spectacular volley, leaving online viewers around the world stunned and amazed.

How does the Trickster playstyle work?

There are a total of 34 different play styles in EA FC 24, which affect a wide range of aspects from the defensive side of the game to playmaking, dribbling and goalscoring. These styles allow EA Sports to give more personality to the virtual depictions of these superstar athletes, as they now have special abilities that set them apart in real life.

Neymar’s reputation has earned him the Trickster Playstyle+, an even more advanced version of the regular playstyle. This gives him the ability to perform more unique skill moves in the air and on the ground, which is excellently highlighted in Ozil’s viral goal clip.

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