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There are many stories of Peruvian entrepreneurs and if there is one thing that characterizes us, it is the will to grow by any means. This is the case of some boys who decided to drop everything and open a new school poultryWithout thinking what would happen next.

it turns out young peruvian couple He decided to leave everything to start his own business, risking everything and putting himself in the hands of God. He opened a chicken shop without thinking that he would be successful, hence his story went viral on TikTok.

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Peruvian youth decides to drop everything and open a chicken shop

as can be seen in viral photos on tiktok, the couple started in a small space and with about 6 months, but gradually they grew and today they have 7 offices in different districts of Lima. “And if we drop everything and open a chicken shop,” describes the viral video on the Internet.

The video of his story went viral after a user on the digital platform asked him how he started and his story has gone viral in thousands. The enterprising boys say, “Thank you to our customers, our team and everyone who has supported us to make our dreams come true.”

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Users celebrate the pair’s success on TikTok

“Inspiration seriously what a joy”, “One day I will be with my family”, “Success that everything goes well for you”, “When you are with the right person, everything is achievable “,” An example that as one team can achieve everything little by little we will achieve our goals”,” I also want to open a poultry shop”,” are some of the comments that can be read in Social Networks,

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