Virginia Lago’s strong message for Telefe: “It’s a wish”

Actress Virginia Lago opens up about her dreams of being on television and admits she’d love to drive again stories of hearthis series of films broadcast by telef, “I don’t judge it,” he said in a strong nod to “Family Channel.”

In an interview with Ignacio Dunand Bustedactress – current part of the cast of the play let’s vote and daily strip atav 2– The actress recalled the unexpected boom the program meant stories of heart and noted: “The offer from Tomas Yanklevich surprised me in such a way that I could not believe that he had asked me to host a program. I was you live in, by Maria Elena Walsh, in Mar del Plata When She Called Me. I took a plane, we met and he told me about his proposal to create a program to show films for him. I couldn’t believe it, it felt so weird to me.”

,It was an extraordinary success shortly after it was launched, beating whatever was at the same time, And it was beautiful because the project was growing over time and everyone was enthusiastic (…) I have seen all the movies. All. The production gave me films and from Monday to Saturday I used to sit and watch them. Afterwards we recorded, he recited poetry and read some of the thousands of letters he had sent. There were actually thousands of them, most of them very beautiful.”

In addition, Virginia went deeper and analyzed the curious phenomenon that had arisen with alcohol through her memes about her portrait: “That program gave me a beautiful thing that had to do with family: young people. Girls, boys, grandmas, aunties, men! People shout at me on the street to come back and when I get on the bus several times they ask me ‘Is a little alcohol coming out?’ In Spain they sell T-shirts with my face and the phrase ‘Does a little wine come out?, They sent me one and I was very happy, it was a success. It’s wonderful!” On the same lines, the respected actress said that she would love to be called again for the new season of the show. stories of heart, “I want to do it again, but I don’t decide. It’s a wish, I would like it.”

what is the life of virginia lago

Currently, Lake Virginia one of the heroes of let’s voteA dramatic comedy that can be seen in Metropolitan Sura from April and in a very crazy way, exposes the prejudices that people have about their mental health. In the settings of many artists – Gustavo Garzón, Muriel Santa Ana, Agustina Cheri, Carlos Portaluppi, Juan Gil Navarro. Toto Kirzner and Alan Dycz—directed by Daniel Barone—A group of neighbors hold an association meeting to decide whether to accept a new tenant with a mental illness. In addition, it integrates the delivery of the daily bar atav 2 Avatar of a mother from Plaza de Mayo.

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