Virginia reveals she suffered from alopecia due to Foundation criticism

This influencer was only able to speak on the subject six months after a wave of criticism against WePink products

August 28
– 3:54 p.m.

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Virginia interviewed Leo Diaz

Virginia interviewed Leo Diaz

Photo: Playback/Youtube Leo Diaz

Virginia Fonseca announced today that she has fallen ill following a wave of criticism of her base that began in March. A video of makeup artist and YouTuber Karen Bacchini testing WePink’s foundation culminated in negative product reviews. The cosmetics received some criticism due to its high price, controversial quality, and promises to work as a “dermomakeup” that impacted the health of influencers.

At the time of her release, Virginia was asked to take a stand, but almost half a year later she was finally able to speak on the matter. As soon as journalist Leo Diaz mentioned the topic in an interview, he summed up, “I’m really sick of this basic story.”

“Friend, that’s what made me alopecia, you see? Alopecia, a hole in my head, my hair fell out. (…) And I’m in Miami and everything’s fine, everything was great, pretending no one could see his back.”


Alopecia is a condition characterized by the loss of scalp hair from any part of the body. The problem can be due to stress, as was the case in Virginia, but it can also be due to genetic problems, trauma, or autoimmune conditions. Know the types of alopecia:

  • Alopecia Areata: Complete or partial hair loss, usually in circular patches.
  • Traction alopecia: This is because excessive hairstyles put pressure on the hair roots.
  • Fibrosing Alopecia Frontal: It usually affects postmenopausal women and is characterized by receding hairline in addition to loss of armpits and eyebrows.
  • Telogenous alopecia: Any event, medical condition or vitamin deficiency can cause 300-500 hair loss per day.

What is the treatment for alopecia?

As trichologist and plastic surgeon Patricia Marquez explains, it depends on the patient’s type of alopecia. Drug injections into the affected area are often required.

“Treatment depends on the diagnosis and consists of a wide range of options including oral medications, nutritional supplements, topical injections, lasers, LEDs and microneedles,” he revealed in a previous interview with Terra.

The important point is that not all types of alopecia have a cure. Most cases are controlled and treated with the aim of slowing progression.

Virginia's Flat Stomach Secrets Priced at $65,000
Virginia’s Flat Stomach Secrets Priced at $65,000

Controversial basis

Virginia, in refuting criticism of the base, agreed with Leo Diaz’s hypothesis that the reaction was part of an “organized movement.” For influencers, the product is not bad.

“You can turn around and say, ‘I didn’t like your foundation.’ That’s okay. I’ve already bought a few foundations that I don’t like, and that’s okay. Bad things about the product here … I can’t say the product is bad because it’s not, the quality is A. (…) I only use my bases,” he defended.

She noted that the product did not cause allergies in anyone. So, I think the negative rating reflects personal preference as the foundation has a matte and dry look.

Many critics also noted marketing that advertised the product as “dermomakeup.” The brand says the product has several benefits, including fighting “premature aging, facial wrinkles and oiliness.”

But “dermomake” is just a commercial term. “In the marketplace, it refers to products that have a make-up effect and at the same time contain active ingredients and are sacredly used in the cosmetics industry to improve the texture and quality of the skin, to moisturize it and reduce blemishes. The term is used for fine lines and fine lines,” dermatologist Renata Sitonio, professor and member of the Brazilian Academy of Dermatology, revealed in an interview given to Terra at the time.

According to experts, cosmetics may indeed offer beneficial properties for skin care. However, this depends on the proportions of the ingredients. WePink said the foundation formula includes vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and botanical squalene as active ingredients, but did not disclose the amount of each in the formula. “This product is registered with Anvisa, which raises questions about its efficacy.” As a grade I cosmetic. “

Doctors say the agency-required tests for products at this level are for safety, not efficacy. So brands didn’t have to prove, for example, that their foundations are effective in preventing aging.

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