Virologist Francesco Broccolo: “The third dose was only for the most fragile. The masks? Now they are useless”

“Up to two doses, for adults, it could have been, because they protect you from illness, from death, but not afterwards”. After the statements made by Professor Francesco Broccolo at the medical conference in Abano Terme organized by Ita.Li attended by almost a thousand people today The truth the well-known virologist, professor at the Bicocca in Milan, relaunches and specifies what was stated during the conference.

«The third dose was not even useful for all the elderly, only for the truly frail – says Broccolo in the interview with Angela Camuso – Too many boosters risk canceling the effect of the vaccine ». The virologist’s position against the vaccine for young and very young people is even more categorical: “Children and adolescents should not be vaccinated against Covid – said Broccolo – because for them there are only the risks from this vaccination and no benefit”.

The interview of the virologist Broccolo to “La Verità”

For Broccoli, «the third dose could be useful for some types of elderly people, but not for all, because there are over eighty-year-olds who, as a pathology, have only high blood pressure and for them the second dose was enough. It was necessary to evaluate the state of their cellular immunity with tests, to understand if a booster had to be done and the same goes now for the fourth dose, even more “. Does too many boosters hurt? “Apart from the side effects, first of all there is a risk of the so-called ‘tolerance’ effect. At a certain point, by dint of boostering, that antigen is recognized as a habitual presence in the body and the immune response against the serious disease is no longer activated ». That is, the vaccine no longer works? “Exactly”.

“The summer with this boom of infected people must make us think”

The virologist highlights another aspect. “Never before at this time of the year are there infected and dead, but it is obvious, there are many more infected than in other years. Do you think that the positive rate of the tampon has now jumped to 20%. And then not everyone takes tampons, many do them at home and therefore there is so much submerged “and therefore” precisely for this reason we must not do the mass booster now, because there are those who perhaps do the fourth dose and without knowing it has just made the disease asymptomatically and therefore that fourth dose becomes the fifth, with all that this entails ».

“Masks? They become a receptacle for bacteria “

Broccoli also rejects Hope’s guidelines on masks. “They were needed before, not now, with the virus circulating a lot. It makes no sense to wear it on public transport and then take it off at the restaurant or on the street and it is unthinkable to wear the mask all summer day in this heat. Besides, it becomes a receptacle for bacteria ». So how do we defend ourselves? «We must stop continuing to think in the fight against this virus solely in terms of actions to stem the infection. The vaccines do not stop the infections, even if they worked – the first two doses – against the serious disease and the masks now no longer make sense. Now we must act, first of all, by enhancing the possibilities of treatment that we have ».

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