Virtual questionnaire on tax obligations, how does it work?

The virtual questionnaire of economic activities is a simulation that allows you to know, prior to your registration in the Tax Administration Service or your update notice, the obligations that correspond to you according to the economic activity that you carry out.

The SAT invites all natural and legal persons who want to know the tax obligations that apply to the commercial activity they carry out.

To enter, from the page of you must go to RFC procedures.

Once there, go to the bottom tab: “Registration to the RFC” and select the option “Simulator of the economic activities and tax obligations questionnaire”.

To use the program,

  1. Click RUN ONLINE at the bottom of the page,

Once inside the questionnaire portal:

  1. Select if you are a natural or legal person
  2. Enter the captcha image text
  3. press continue
  4. capture your information
  5. Ready! Obtain information on the tax obligations that correspond to you.

To run the program directly online you can do it from this league.

You can dial the SAT to request help by phone: 5562722728 or request a personalized chat in the options on the right panel: “We help you”.

With information from the Tax Administration Secretariat.

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