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From tomorrow it will be possible to return to visit family members in the hospital: good news although measured – it will be granted in non-Covid wards for at least 45 minutes a day, only if in possession of a reinforced Green pass, or simple as long as it is accompanied by a certification certifying the negative result of the rapid or molecular antigen test performed in the previous 48 hours. “This novelty contained in law 112022 marks a step towards the return to normality – said the councilor for health policies, Raffaele Donini – but it must not make us forget how much caution is still necessary in our actions, especially towards those who it is more fragile “. All visitors and caregivers of patients hospitalized in non-Covid wards, in order to access the hospital wards must show the Covid-19 Green pass. On the other hand, access is always allowed to unvaccinated carers and caregivers provided with a simple Green Certification produced following antigenic or molecular tests, in the case of under 12 assistants, people with physical, mental or cognitive disabilities who require support, women undergoing labor, childbirth and post-partum, over 80, bedridden or end-of-life conditions, in the presence of language barriers. Patients entering the emergency room will always be subjected to antigen testing. For accompanying persons, however, the possession of the Green pass is required, even if obtained through a rapid antigen test in the last 48 hours. Free access, on the other hand, for users and patients who access the facility for outpatient activities or daytime hospitalization. In the event of scheduled hospitalization, all patients will undergo antigen or molecular testing. …

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