visits to relatives without masks. The No vax doctors are back

“Today the disease is completely different from what it once was and therefore we are trying to ensure that gradually there can be a return to greater liberalization.” Orazio Schillaci, new Minister of Health, former rector of the Tor Vergata University of Rome and expert of the scientific committee of the Higher Institute of Health since 2020, is preparing for a relaxation of the rules on Covid. We will see the first effects in the hospital, where masks will no longer be necessary to enter, perhaps to visit a family member (albeit with some exceptions). The order of the previous minister, Roberto Speranza, which regulates this matter, expires on 31 October. An extension of one month had been decided, without going further, precisely to respect the decisions of the successor. Speranza had written: “It is mandatory to wear respiratory protection devices for workers, users and visitors of health, social-health and social-welfare facilities, including hospitality and long-term care facilities, nursing homes, hospice, rehabilitation structures, residential structures for the elderly, including non self-sufficient ones “. And he specified: “This ordinance produces effects from 1 October 2022 to 31 October 2022”.


So there are just a few days left before the expiry of the provision and yesterday, on the occasion of the inauguration of the academic year of the University of Tor Vergata, in Rome, the journalists asked Schillaci: will you extend the obligation of masks in hospitals? The minister was cautious in his response, but made it clear that the orientation is that of a lightening of the rules: “Now let’s see, we are always working on it with respect for patients”. It means that some stakes could remain for particular situations – if I go for example to visit an immunosuppressed family member – but in principle the order of Hope will not be extended in those terms. Says a source of the center-right majority: «Times have changed, from an epidemiological point of view, certainly now we will go to a liberalization. It will be an “aperturista” ordinance, even if it still has to be defined in detail ». There are doubts in the Regions, also in light of the latest EMA document which heralds a new wave due to the upcoming sub-variants. Emilia-Romagna will rely on a “strong recommendation to use masks in the aisle”. Lazio, says the councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato, will try to raise awareness on the importance of protective devices in the hospital: «It is not the best time to eliminate them precisely where there are the most fragile subjects. Not only in an anti Covid key, but for example also to avoid the spread of flu. We are talking about a hospital, for visitors it is not a great sacrifice anyway ». The other news coming is the return to work of doctors and nurses who had been suspended because they refused to be vaccinated.


There are strong pressures from the center-right majority for their return to be brought forward, taking into account that the law in force extends the vaccination obligation for health workers to 31 December. The suspension of the rule is taken for granted and, the majority sources specify, it is not a “no Vax” line, but the acknowledgment that there are shortages in the workforce and that the vast majority of operators have been vaccinated. “And in any case, the emergency phase has ceased.” The law in force has extended until December 31 the need for a reinforced Green pass (or antigen test) to visit a family member in an RSA or in a hospital ward. The application of this rule has become less stringent over time, and it is very likely that its termination will be anticipated. You can read on the government’s institutional website in the part dedicated to the use of green certification: until 31 December it is required for “visitor access to hospital wards, residential, social-welfare, social-health and hospice structures” . Reflection on this is also underway, but its elimination is taken for granted.


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