Vittorio Sgarbi against Rula Jebreal, the words about Giorgia Meloni and her father

Vittorio Sgarbi’s lapidary comment on the controversy that overwhelmed Rula Jebreal for his words against Giorgia Meloni

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The controversies sparked by the words of Rula Jebreal against Giorgia Meloni’s father continue to hold their ground. The journalist was overwhelmed by criticism from right to left for a tweet in which she exhumed the conviction for drug trafficking received almost thirty years ago from the father of the leader of the Brothers of Italy, who on her side promised complaints. A storm that did not seem to subside, fueled by Jebreal’s accusations of having been targeted after her words by a hate campaign instigated by the media close to Giorgia Meloni. Vittorio Sgarbi intervened to increase the dose, host of the show Quarto Grado on Rete 4.

Jebreal against Meloni, Sgarbi’s intervention

“I share with Meloni’s father that my son calls me a parent and not a father, therefore Meloni’s father is a parent and not a father for her. On the other hand, Meloni had a great mother ”was the lapidary comment of the former deputy in TV connection with Nicola Porro’s studio.

The art critic probably refers to the fact that Giorgia Meloni has always distanced herself from her father since she was abandoned at a young age: “The tact of the Italian press that tells of my father’s troubles, but omits in its titles bombastic a fundamental element. Everyone knows that my father left when I was just over a year old ”was the reply from the leader of the Brothers of Italy.

Everyone knows that I chose not to see him again at the age of eleven. Everyone knows that I never had contact with him again until his death – he wrote again on Facebook in response to Jebreal – But it does not matter if the ‘do-gooders’ can pass like a steamroller on the life of the ‘monster’. Obviously, among the many things that are not valid for me there is also the saying ‘the sins of the fathers do not fall on the children’. Ps. Mrs. Jebreal, I hope you will be able to explain to the judge when and where I would have made the declaration that you attribute to me ”.

The controversy

The political storm broke out following a tweet published by the journalist of Palestinian origin on September 29: “During her election campaign – he wrote – Giorgia Meloni, the new Italian Prime Minister, promoted a rape video in which it is stated that asylum seekers are criminals who want to replace white Christians. Ironically, Meloni’s father is a notorious drug trafficker / convicted criminal who served a sentence in a prison ”.

Words that sparked reactions from right to left, with harsh criticism against Jebreal also came from the leaders of M5s and Action, Giuseppe Conte and Carlo Calenda.

The next day the journalist continued to make the point, adding that “Meloni is not guilty of the crimes committed by her father, but often exploits the crimes committed by some foreigners, to criminalize all immigrants, describing them as a security threat. In a democracy there are individual responsibilities, NOT collective guilt / punishment ”.

Jebreal’s denunciation

Overwhelmed by the controversy, Jebreal did not step back from her positions and then returned to the attack denouncing being the victim of a hate campaign against him, which broke out after the tweet of discord: “The day after Meloni threatened to sue me for a tweet, the media launched a racist, Islamophobic and misogynistic assault. The far-right coalition facilitators are moderate forces, which have normalized an essentially xenophobic, racist and authoritarian coalition. Cheeky incitement “.


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