Viva Magenta Pantone 2023: for a carmine-colored beauty

“Vvibrant, full of vigor, descended from the red family, a symbol of strength”: this is how it was described Long live Magenta, the new Pantone color 2023. Natural but perfect for giving grit and character, ideal in beautyespecially in the lip make-up, but that’s not all: it’s a shade that fits perfectly with the beauty of each one. This is why it was chosen: inclusive and unconventional, like this era.

Pantone 2023, the color of the new year is Viva Magenta

Since 2000 Pantone, the US company that deals with color, presents the color for the following year, the one that will influence with its nuances beauty but also fashion and design. After Very Peri, a deep purple, for 2023 Pantone presented 18-1750 Long live Magenta.

A particular redor better a shade of crimson which, as defined by the company itself, «is not aggressive but assertive, unconventional and suitable for describing unconventional times, the bearer of exuberance, joy and dynamism».

Viva Magenta, Pantone 202. In the photo, Rihanna, Meghan Fox, Helen Mirren

A new color for everyone, experimental and halfway between the natural world, it reconnects with nature itself and the interior strenght of each, and the digital one. Not surprisingly, it already has a hashtag, #magentaverse, which will be very popular. In short, the Viva Magenta will be a symbol of the desire to break the mold, of optimism and resilience. But how to include it in beauty?

Very Peri: let yourself be inspired by fashion, make-up and design

Very Peri: let yourself be inspired by fashion, make-up and design

Long live Magenta, the Pantone 2023 on the lips. And not only

Already chosen in the past by the stars, the Viva Magenta is bold and rebellious, but also witty and elegant. And above all is the hue perfect for the lips. Nuance poised between hot and cold, it is very inclusive and adapts to everyone, enhancing the coldest incarnates but also the warmest onescreating a pleasant contrast.

To prove it Helen Mirren, which enhances its silver hair with this particular shade, but also Megan Fox who loves the contrast that the Viva Magenta creates with its ice blue eyes.

Extremely adaptable, Viva Magenta is in fact a passe-partout nuance. Perfect on the lips, it also stands out brown looks, harmonizing perfectly, and the lighter ones for pleasant contrasts. In addition to being able to be worn for a strong manicure, e like blushto warm up every complexion.

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And for the hair? To such an intense color it is better to combine the technique of dipped dyed so as to obtain a slightly degradé effect, for a very romantic result.


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