VIZZOLO More than a day of waiting in a chair at the Predabissi emergency room: the odyssey of a 68-year-old

VIZZOLO More than a day of waiting in a chair at the Predabissi emergency room: the odyssey of a 68-year-old

  • Wednesday 26 October 2022

The patient, who complained of kidney problems, was later diagnosed with cancer in another hospital

He goes to the emergency room and waits more than 24 hours to be hospitalized. This is the story of Francesco Cavaletti, a 68-year-old resident of San Giuliano who last Wednesday went to the emergency room in Vizzolo Predabissi feverish and with symptoms related to a kidney malfunction. “During the first visit almost nothing was found – says Cavaletti – but in the second a nurse realized that I had jaundice and that my kidneys had problems. After about 7 hours I was given an ultrasound, in which, however, the result did not reveal any anomalies. Around 3 am on Thursday the doctor decided to do the CT scan, however, I and two other people in urgency had to wait until 8 am for the arrival of the specialized technician ».

After a few hours the results of the CT scan finally arrive, where a poor functioning of the kidneys is found. Subsequently, a surgeon turns to the Sangiulianese around 1pm on Friday, confirming a bed in the ward, which unfortunately he would not have found before 9pm, forcing Francesco to wait in a chair for another 8 hours. «After more than 48 hours I was finally able to sleep on a bed – continues Cavaletti -, taking with me the various ailments for having remained in the chairs of the emergency room. Around 8 am on Saturday morning I am diagnosed with gallbladder stones. In the following hours no one was heard anymore, so I decided to call my daughter to take me to another hospital, now exhausted by this neglect ». The odyssey of the Sangiulianese seems to have come to an end, however, the unpleasant news: after some tests carried out in the other hospital he was diagnosed with a tumor of the duodenum, still uncertain whether of benign or malignant cause. No official response from Asst Melegnano-Martesana regarding the specific case, however, it should be noted that the hospital staff is currently undergoing reorganization. “My goal is not to put the hospital institution in a bad light, but as a patient I ask for more adequate treatment, capable of guaranteeing comfortable accommodation for all those who are hospitalized as soon as possible”, concludes Cavaletti.


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