Vladimir Putin is sick? Experts’ dark theory – o2

Why is Putin walking in such a bizarre way? We are talking here about the right, quite unnaturally straightened arm of the president of Russia and the whole left part of the body protruding slightly forward as he proudly strolls on the red carpet of the Moscow Kremlin.

The explanation was supposed to shock the public. Vladimir was supposed to have Parkinson’s disease, which he tried to prove, among others British portal The Sun. In November, numerous foreign sources even reported that Putin was about to leave his position. It was claimed that it would leave in January … 2021. However, these forecasts, of course, did not come true.


A hypothesis closer to the truth. All because of KGB training?

Interestingly, on many internet forums there may be a more truthful explanation of Putin’s characteristic gait.

It may be the KGB training Putin underwent many years ago. According to experts, the way the Russian president moves, which causes concern among observers, is the “gunslinger’s gait”, according to NaTemat, based on British Medical Journal.


According to the authors of the publication in the aforementioned magazine, Putin was to be trained to hold the gun in his right hand, while focusing on moving forward mainly with the left side of the body. The weapon itself, on the other hand, was to be as close to the chest as possible. All this so that during a possible confrontation, you could immediately pull it out and shoot the attacker.

Would you come up with such an explanation? The question remains whether it is true, or whether there is another, even more controversial …

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