Vladimir Putin: Ukraine’s accession to NATO worries us, because the weapons of the Alliance will appear there

Putin argued that in previous decades Russia kept saying that it was concerned about the expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance, but that “the Alliance’s infrastructure was inevitably getting closer to the Russian borders.”

– Now we see missile defense systems in Poland and Romania. We have reason to believe that the same will happen if Ukraine is admitted to NATO, but on Ukrainian territory. How can we not think about it? It would be a criminal inaction on our part to passively observe what is happening there, Putin said.

According to the host of the Kremlin, expanding NATO to the east, so that the alliance includes Ukraine, is one of the most important issues concerning Russia’s security in a strategic perspective. – We talk about it constantly and publicly, we warn our partners that it is unacceptable to us – added Putin.

He also announced that Moscow would present its security proposals to the United States within a week. Putin said his Tuesday talks with US President Joe Biden were factual and constructive and added: “We have the opportunity to continue our dialogue with the US President. This is the most important thing.”

When asked whether Russia would attack Ukraine, he replied that “this question is provocative” and assured that “Russia is pursuing a peace policy, but has the right to ensure its own security.”

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