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That the relations between the Sussex and the royal family are complicated is shown by the images of the funeral of the Queen Elizabeth. And not only. Even the English tabloids talk about nothing else and often raise burning rumors. It seems, for example, that Harry was not notified in time of his grandmother’s death, as if Carlo really wanted to have as little as possible to do with his second son. Among other things, the presence of Harry and Meghan she is not even sure at the coronation ceremony of the new king.

Do you see this photo?  Meghan humiliates Harry, eye for detail |  Look

Furthermore, according to sources close to the Palazzo and reported by the international press, Carlo would like to make a DNA test to understand if Harry is really his son. “He wants to know the truth and it could cost Harry more than him – said a source close to the royal family -. Harry must be of royal blood to inherit anything from the Queen, including jewelry, property and all other possessions” According to the insider, who remained anonymous, the king demands a DNA test. If Harry refuses he could be disinherited along with his children.

Meanwhile, the new Sovereign – for the first official image of his reign – had himself photographed with his wife Camilla, William and Kate Middleton. Royal expert Richard Kay, heard from Daily Mail, commented: “It is no coincidence that this photo was taken in the days of mourning, while Harry and Meghan were still there.” And again: “In the United States they are the protagonists of their history, but in the United Kingdom there is a new royal order, which is reduced to 4 people, not 6. This photo shows that there is no turning back for a couple who could have been at the center of royalty, but who now find themselves on the fringes ”. The Dukes of Sussex immediately responded with a photo of them taken during One Young World in early September and before the Queen’s death. In the picture Harry and Meghan smile and appear confident. They hold hands and look straight ahead.

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