“Voice is not a child’s”

She grew up! Although many are still not used to the idea, Larissa Manoela she is already an adult and wants to be treated as such. This Friday, May 20, the eternal Maria Joaquina, from the soap opera “Carrossel”, shown by SBT, released her new album, “Larissa Manoela A Milhão”, and showed a more mature side. However, in an interview with Splash, the actress said that she doesn’t want to shock her young fans or her family.

“The voice is no longer that of a child, what I sing is more mature. But no break and nothing shocking,” she said.

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In addition, Larissa also talked about her inspirations as a singer, mentioning names like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande, who also grew up in front of the public eye and went through similar transitions. “They inspire me a lot and marked the maturation in a strong way. I want to show this new moment. Growing up was never easy”, declared the artist.

In addition, the interpreter of the characters Elisa and Isadora in the soap opera “Além da Illusion”, shown by TV Globo, also spoke about the singer Anitta and the similarity of her album with the singer’s initial proposal, which has now achieved international success. “Anitta is one of the people who most inspire Brazilians. She’s very powerful, she knows what she does, she’s very assertive. She opens the way”, praised Larissa, who bet on a mix of pop, funk and raggaeton for the new album, even counting on partnerships from MC Zaac and Joey Montana.

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Finally, Larissa spoke about her desire to achieve the dreamed of international recognition. “Having recognition outside the country is really cool. It’s one step at a time,” she declared.

Listen to the album:


On Friday, May 20th, Larissa Manoela launches the album “Larissa Manoela A Milhão”, which began producing in 2019.

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“I started recording this album in 2019 when I was still on tour. In 2020, things have stalled a bit due to the pandemic. The album had to go through this process, but it had a maturing positive side. Everything happens for a purpose, the songs have matured too,” she said.

The album reflects the artist’s more mature phase with themes that speak of female empowerment, her place in the world and her personality. The tracks are danceable and have elements of reggaeton, pop, funk and a mix of these musical genres.

Disclosure / Fred Othero

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“What I sing is more mature, the vibes, the way the music takes the beat, the sound effects… it all creates a very interesting way for this new moment. This new album has a different energy. The songs are based on what I hear and the lyrics are more mature. People will feel that difference,” he said.

Larissa also revealed that she participated in all ten tracks. “I was present in the development of all the tracks, I believe a lot in all of them”.


Larissa Manoela became famous as a child, that is, she grew up in front of the cameras. The artist commented on this challenging process in her life.

“Growing up is never easy, especially in front of the camera, which is an even bigger challenge. People feel entitled to judge and have an opinion. Unfortunately, from being aggressive. I went through these phases, I’m also discovering who Larissa is as a person, as a professional. It was challenging, but I faced it in a very positive way and I’m proud of everything I’ve experienced”.

The young woman also commented on the expectations created upon her. “I had to go through several moments without losing my personality. People need to accept each other, they need to understand that each one has a personality, the only thing that matters is that you are happy and loving yourself. The best thing you do is be yourself,” she said.

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