Voices in the shadows, awarded the Gold Rings: lifetime achievement award to Luca Biagini

The Golden Rings of the XXIII edition were delivered in Genoa in the hall of the main council of Palazzo Ducale of the International Dubbing Festival Voices in the Shadows, directed by Tiziana Voarino. The Claudio G. Fava Lifetime Achievement Award was assigned to Luca Biaginivoice actor among others of John Malkovich, Colin Firth, Michael Keaton, Hugo Weaving and protagonist of the Rai fiction “Survivors”, filmed in Genoa. The Golden Ring for best general dubbing in the Cinema section went to Rodolfo Bianchi for directing the Italian version of Joel Coen’s film “Macbeth”. The Golden Ring for the best male and female voices in cinema was awarded to Robert Chevaliervoice actor of Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick, ea Federica De Bortolivoice actress of Kristen Stewart in Crimes of the Future.

The best voices in the television sector are those of Emiliano Coltorti, Jared Leto/Adam Neumann in the series We Crashed, and Laura Romano, voice actress of Viola Davis in “The First Lady”, dedicated to Michelle Obama. the Golden Ring for best general television dubbing to Stefano Benassi for Stranger Things; the one for the adaptation of the dialogues to Valerio Piccolo for the film Elvis and to Marco Barbato for the television series House of the Dragon. In the Animation Products section, the Golden Ring and the Le Voci di Cartoonia 2022 Award were won by Chiara Fabianothe voice of Meilin “Mei” Lee in “Red”, while for the Information Programs section, the host of the Rai “Geo” broadcast Emanuele Biggi collected the Golden Ring and the Green Ring 2022.

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