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The Bullies certainly needs no introduction! Let’s talk about a Volkswagen that becomes an icon in this 2022 returns and returns in version 100% electric. Much space, a lot versatility and a lot technology are the ingredients of his recipe, both in standard and Cargo versions .. but let’s take a closer look!

Engine, Battery, Charging

Let’s start from motor And battery: ID.Buzz and ID.Buzz Cargo will be launched in Europe with an electric rear motor from 150kW of power and a battery of 77kWh. Charging takes place under alternating current, a 11kW, or with direct current, in this second case we arrive at 170kW which in practice translates into 30 minutes to arrive from 5 to 80%.

Measurements and Design

There car measure 4,712 mm, is 1,985 mm wide excluding mirrors and reaches a height of 1,937 or 1,938 mm, a difference due to the suspension of the Cargo version. The step is 2,988 mm. In the light of these data it turns out optimal the turning radius: 11 meters. The trunk in the 5-seater configuration it has a capacity of 1,211 liters.

The design it incorporates the style I had defined as “comic” on the ID.3 and ID.4, with Matrix LED headlights and a horizontal LED strip that joins the right to the left. This applies to both the front and rear lights. The rims can go up to 21 ″.

Once got on board, as it had been for the exteriors, here too we immediately breathe the family feeling with the ID.3 and ID.4, the style is very similar and also the technology, both as a digital dashboard, as an infotainment and as an ADAS. The latter obviously are all there and allow autonomous driving of level 2 (if not more).

The list of storage compartments, cup holders and stowage compartments of all types and sizes is endless. We find them in the doors, on the dashboard and on the central tunnel. There are 7 USB-C sockets for charging.

Needless to say, its focus is there comfort, and therefore on board there is all the space you want, even 5 adult occupants will be comfortable with both legs and head, both in front and behind.

Buzz Cargo ID

The version Cargo it is obviously very similar but differs in the finishes, a little less refined and in the management of space, in fact we find only the first row of seats that can contain 3 people as standard or optionally only 2, with more comfortable seats. The horizontal LED strip that joined the right and left headlights on the standard version is missing and the optional rear windows are missing.

The dimensions of the load compartment in this short wheelbase version (in the future a longer wheelbase will come) are 125 x 125 x 170 cm for a total of approx. 3.9 meters³. To have a practical unit of measurement we can say that there are two euro pallets.

Finally, Volkswagen told us that they are developing the Plug & Charge system to be able to get to the column, connect the car and let them communicate directly without the need for external passages such as cards to pass and various systems.

In short, so much want to try it and to test its great versatility first hand! Prices and ranges have not yet been communicated but by sharing a lot with ID.3 and ID.4 we can imagine something. I hope I can tell you more a September, when the first specimens arrive!

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