Volkswagen short circuit: stop at the touch controls on the steering wheel, back to the physical buttons

After the exclusion of Herbert Diess from managerial duties, Volkswagen is preparing to implement some changes, especially with regard to electric cars and the modernization of the range in general. This does not always coincide with the use of newer technology, as in the case of steering wheel controls.

The news was communicated through the Linkedin profile by Thomas Schfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, who talked about some focuses for his company. In particular, the reference to steering wheel controlswhich with the ID electric range, but also in other cars, were introduced in the version touch.

ID.3 Wheel touch

A choice that he immediately had for attracted criticismboth by insiders and by customers, annoyed by the continuous involuntary pressure, often simply by holding the steering wheel in a different way. This is why Volkswagen has decided to take a step back, back to the physical keys.

Schfer wrote: “we are about to bring back the push buttons for the steering wheel controls. This is what customers want from Volkswagen“In the same post, the CEO also talked about the electric range, which in 2026 will have reached 10 models, and the digitalization process of the brand, underlining that Customers in France, Germany and Italy can now buy a Volkswagen in a completely online process.

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