Volley B1: Castelfranco corsaro in Bra

The girls of coach Relato inaugurate the home games which for this year will be at the sports hall in Bra.

Large audience for the first of the Dragonflies and full posters for the hosts.

At 17:00 on time the game begins. The first set is played carefully, point to point, our practically insuperable wall. Beautiful plays, excellent recoveries, you fight for every ball. The accuracy of the Dragonflies allows you to close the first set: 25-22.

In the second set the Dragonflies enter the field probably too satisfied while the Tuscans enter determined to recover and immediately flee forward by 4 and even 5 points.

The Dragonflies, however, recover until 20-21, but three unforgivable mistakes allow the guests to close the set: 1-1.

The Tuscan opposition, Muzi, born in 98 and former Serie A2, loads the visiting team on his shoulders with an almost impregnable serve and also snatches the third set. He escapes from the Tuscans also thanks to the gratuitous errors of the Dragonflies. The final 19-25 marks the overtaking of the guests.

Fourth set under the banner of the white flag, with a dizzying gap and final result of 13-25.

Page to turn quickly to avoid a championship start that immediately penalizes the seasonal goals.

Next Sunday, encore at home against the Vol-Ley Volpianesi, again at the Sports Hall at 17:00

National Championship B1 gir. TO


25-25, 22-20, 25-17, 19-25, 13-25

Here is the Libellula Banca CRS roster

coach Marco Relato

assistant coach Nicola Bussavano

manager Claudio Bianchi

Athletes: Febe Faure Rolland, Ilaria Sturaro, Eleonora Batte, Nicoletta Rivetti, Chiara Monzio Compagnoni, Venturini Anna, Giombini Nicol, Rolando Alice, Valente Camilla, Iannacone Lucrezia, Cammardella Elisa, Fea Carlotta, Valeria Verde


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