Volleyball. Champions League. Grupa Azoty Chemik Police has shown its power! Promotion of ŁKS

Grupa Azoty Chemik Police’s volleyball players needed only 66 minutes to win the first match in group E of the Champions League. In the clash in Szczecin with the Hungarian Fatum Nyiregyhaz, they showed their strength mainly in the second installment, in which at one point they were leading by even 12 points!

The Polish champions prevailed in every element, and they impressed especially in the block (13: 2). Their leader was Jovana Brakočević-Canzian, but Agnieszka Kąkolewska, who was 80% effective in the attack, received the MVP award.

ŁKS Commercecon Łódź needed only two sets won in the rematch against Swietelsky Bekescsaba to advance to the 1/8 final of the CEV Cup. The task was not easy, because the Hungarian team triumphed 25:16 in the first game. Suffice it to say that the players from Łódź recorded only 27% effectiveness in the attack, and their best scorer was Kamila Witkowska in the middle. However, ŁKS achieved its goal in two consecutive games, and the substitute Ivna Colombo did a lot of good. In the 1/8 finals, the players from Łódź will compete with CV Gran Canaria.




CHEMIST: Kowalewska 2, Czyrniańska 8, Kąkolewska 10, Brakočević-Canzian 13, Milenković 9, Wasilewska 7 and Stenzel (l), Żurawska (l), Rios 1, M. Łukasik 4, Pol 1, Połeć 4, Lipska 1. Coach: Nawrocki.

FATE: Francesco Machado, Radosowa 8, Laszlop, Wajda 5, Wasiljewa 8, Pinter 4 and F. Töht (l), D. Töht (l), Dekany 2, Bodovics, Glavinić 1. [Trener:] Nemeth.

MVP: Kąkolewska. They judged: Rajković (Croatia) and Özbar (Turkey). Viewers: 1993.


1/16 final

SWETELSKY BEKESCSABA – ŁKS COMMERCECON LODZ 1: 3 (25:16, 23:25, 18:25, 25:27)

First match: 1: 3. Promotion: LKS. 1/8 final: ŁKS – CV Gran Canaria.

SWETELSKY: Kornienko 11, Karhu 10, Zolyomi 3, Drpa 21, Klisura 9, Strunjak 10 and Molcsanyi (l), Glemboczki 3, Najdic 1. [Trener:] Töht.

LKS: Ratzke 3, Jones-Perry 12, Alagierska 12, Sobiczewska 5, Grajber 8, K. Witkowska 7 and Strasz (l), Jukoski 2, Pacak 6, Colombo 15, Piasecka 8. Coach: Mašek.

They judged: Herbots (Belgium) and Gargasas (Lithuania). Viewers: 981.

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