Volleyball rollercoaster in Rzeszów. Developres Bella Dolina with the first defeat

There was no shortage of emotions in Rzeszów’s Podprom on Friday evening. Volleyball players from IŁ Capital Legionovii defeated Developres Bella Dolina 3: 2 in the 9th round of Tauron Liga. The MVP statuette went to Olivia Różański, who scored 31 points.

Katarzyna Koniuch

Katarzyna Koniuch

Olivia Różański (left) and Aleksandra Gryka (right)

WP SportoweFakty / Justyna Serafin / In the photo: Olivia Różański (left) and Aleksandra Gryka (right)

From the first whistle on the pitch, there was a sharp exchange of blows, and the players of both teams did not hold back their hands in the attack. With time, simple mistakes began to be made by the housewives, which allowed the legionnaires to jump back for three “eyes” (13:10). It seemed that the visitors had everything under control, but thanks to the effective plays of Ana Kalandadze and Jelena Blagojević, the locals not only led to a draw, but after the Bruna Honorio block they took the lead (19:18). Ultimately, the first party ended with the victory of the Rzeszów players until 23.

The beginning of the second set was also exciting. The representatives of Legionovia played hard on the net and strengthened the service, which allowed them to maintain a two-point advantage (14:12). In the ranks of Developres, Bruna Honorio was struggling with considerable problems. The competitor still could not find herself in the attack. In the visiting team, Olivia Różański and Yaprak Erkek (17:13) showed off effectively.

Stephane Antiga’s charges, despite the point difference of several points, did not intend to lay down their weapons. There was a draw and a fight for the advantage, which was won by the visitors.

After the change of sides, the players from Rzeszów, irritated by the defeat, immediately got down to hard work and won 9: 5. Then, after a local mistake, Aleksandra Gryka reported behind the 9th metro line. The competitor left the service field only when the legionnaires managed to take the lead (10: 9). In the following minutes they dominated the net. Antiga’s coach, just like in the previous sets, decided to make a double substitution and delegate Katarzyna Wenerska and Izabella Rapacz to the pitch. The motivated team eliminated the losses, and thanks to the good performance of Anna Stencel and Blagojević, they won the set.

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Willing to extend the fate of this meeting, the Legionnaires started another game with high “c”. The game was difficult for the opponents to play, Alicja Grabka, Maja Tokarska dominated in the block, and Olivia Różański showed off strong attacks (8: 1). Alessandro Chiappini’s team took advantage of every inaccuracy of Rzeszów’s Rysice, thanks to which they controlled the situation on the pitch until the end of the game.

Tie-break and the whole game was a volleyball roller coaster. The set started with a point-by-point fight, but thanks to the successful cooperation on the Wenerska-Stencel line, the players from Rzeszów jumped back by two eyes. The streak of the locals ended quickly. The visitors began to set the tone of the game (14: 9) and although the Home team saved four match balls, the last word belonged to the team from Legionowo.

Developres Bella Dolina Rzeszów – IŁ Capital Legionovia Legionowo 2: 3 (25:23, 25:27, 25:23, 19:25, 13:15)

Developres Bella Dolina: Bińczycka, Jurczyk, Kalandadze, Honorio Marques, Stencel, Blagojević, Szczygłowska (libero) and Wenerska, Rapacz, Bajema, Witowska.

IL Capital Legionovia: Grabka, Tokarska, Erkek, Silva Franco, Gryka, Różański, Lemańczyk (libero) and Dąbrowska, Szczyrba, Damaske, Szymańska, Stefanik, Kulig (libero).

MVP: Olivia Różański

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