Volleyball World Cup: first blue stop, Brazil wins 3-2 – Volleyball

ROME (ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 04 – Only two points, after four sets, a tie break and over two and a half hours of play, divide the winning team from the defeat, which for the first time, at the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup , is the Italy of Davide Mazzanti. To interrupt the winning streak of the blues at five, in the first match of the second phase of the world championship tournament, it is Brazil, which wins 3-2 (25-20, 22-25, 22-25, 25-21, 17- 15). Egonu and her companions remain at the top of group E with 16 points but cannot be distracted because tomorrow they will face an insidious rival, Japan which in turn has suffered only one defeat so far. At the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, after a complicated first set, the European champions rose to the next level in the second and third, putting on the field their technical skills and character. Brazil responded in the fourth and so the match went to the tie-break, where the verdoro national team prevailed. “In the fourth set we took the gas off the batting foot and there we let them and their quality come back. In the long game they were more patient and orderly”, explains the coach. “I’m not worried, I’m focused on what we have to do because we are back on the pitch immediately, this is the first thought. With Japan – adds Mazzanti -, we will need a lot of quality in attack, more than tonight”. Against the South Americans, the formation is that seen against Holland: Orro in dribble, opposite Egonu, spikers Bosetti and Pietrini, central Chirichella and Danesi, free De Gennaro, even if during the match Myriam Sylla finds ample space. In the first set the blues suffer from the excellent defensive phase of the Brazilians, who always maintain a certain advantage by preventing them from returning and closing the game with a clear gap. The reaction comes immediately in the second part, when Italy pushes hard and the Olympic vice champions lose ground. Pietrini and Egonu (37 points for the, but also various errors) hit the mark repeatedly, but Brazil is felt against the wall by shortening the distances shortened. The new blue extension is signed by Pietrini but the green-gold formation, thanks to some changes, returns to the game, until Sylla with a great defense gives Egonu the opportunity to counterattack and close the set. Brazil starts strong in the third set but Danesi on the wall plays the charge putting the score back in balance and then again Silla, with a series of great attacks, launches the decisive escape. In the fourth set, neither of the two teams is willing to give up and the balance lasts until Gabi (30 points) collects a series of points pushing the South Americans forward. Italy with character begins a comeback that brings back but a challenge much disputed by the blue, ‘floor touch’ the referee call, marked the end of the run-up for the national team. In the tie-break, after the initial balance, the first extension is signed by the Brazilians. Subsequent actions see Mazzanti’s girls tempt them all to recover but the long challenge rewards the South American team