“Vomits hate, what would I do with him” – Libero Quotidiano

Luigi Di Maio he is still at loggerheads with his former party mate Alessandro Di Battista. “I enroll Di Battista in whose party vomits hate towards me. We haven’t heard from each other for a while because we have gone the antipodes. We were already different but he uses foul language towards me and I don’t feel like reciprocating with the same currency “, explains the Foreign Minister and leader of Civic Engagement, interviewed by the director Massimo Giannini on the La Stampa website. Sooner or later they will have a beer together?” One I took beer with everyone, let alone if I don’t get angry with Alessandro “, replies Di Maio, who adds:” Maybe we won’t talk about politics but about family and children “.

As for the center-right, if he wins, he attacks the minister, “it will be the year of the black bubble, Salvini and Berlusconi they will work to wear down the Melons, they already cannonade it every day, but the country will get involved. Already in these hours we see the center-right that we could have in government: chaotic, without a single line and with proposals aimed only at creating more debt for Italians. They would last a yearthen they would go down on their own, it’s a film that I’ve already seen with Salvini “.

While of Enrico Letta, Di Maio says: “I trust him, he is a person who has kept the commitments since we built this coalition. With the Pd we have been working on unprecedented crises over the past three years and have also learned to trust each other and work together. We as a Civic Commitment are the moderate part of a progressive coalition that can achieve an excellent result “, the end of the game, for the minister,” is not written: Italians these days are realizing what those who have done brought down the government “.

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