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The president of the EU commission alludes to measures against Italy, the Northern League leader accuses her of interfering in the Italian vote. Brussels: “We will work with any government”

Foreign policy is the battleground of the last part of the election campaign. If on the one hand the words of Silvio Berlusconi on Ukraine are discussed, on the other Ursula von der Leyen and Matteo Salvini cross arms at a distance. The president of the EU commission alludes to possible consequences if Italy were to marry a sovereign line, the Northern League leader interprets the intervention as an intrusion into the Italian vote and the number one in Brussels intervenes to clarify. Here is the reconstruction of what happened.

«We will see the result of the vote in Italy, there were also elections in Sweden. If things go in a difficult direction, we have tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary ”: this is how Ursula von del Leyen expressed herself speaking in Princeton, in the USA, answering a question from an Italian student precisely about Sunday’s vote. The allusion seems direct to the presence of Putin-friendly Italian politicians but also Orban thread, the Hungarian premier defined as “not fully democratic” from a resolution of the European Parliament. “It is interesting – recalled von der Leyen – to see the dynamics of the work of the European Council, there is not just one country that comes and says “I want, I want, I want”. Suddenly you are on the Council and you realize that your future, and your well-being, also depends on the other 26 Member States. ‘

Matteo Salvini reads in the words of the president of the commission a straight leg entrance to the electoral arena Italian and replies: «What is it? Blackmail, a threat, institutional bullying? Either he apologizes or he resignsthree days after the vote it is institutionally incorrect to threaten the Italians, “he said during the interview with Corriere.it conducted by Deputy Director Venanzio Postiglione. The Northern League parliamentarians in Strasbourg have announced a question about the case.

The storm leads Brussels to a clarification: «President von der Leyen in her speech yesterday at Princeton University simply stated explicitly that the Commission will work with any government that he will want to work with the Commission “, said the spokesman of the same president, responding to the daily briefing with the press. “The president simply intervened on the ongoing procedures on the rule of law against Poland and Hungary.”

The question and answer quickly becomes the theme of the day. «These sentences said two days after the vote end up having a different effect from what he wanted to obtain. von der Leyen, however, is a member of the European party of Berlusconi and Tajani. Let’s not make a case on something that will deflate, “says the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta. “To von der Leyen I say with great respect that we do not expect judgments on our free democratic game” he echoes Matteo Renzi. Instead, measure your words Antonio Tajani, for Forza Italia: “I believe we must ask for respect, resignation is not in the possibility, we cannot ask to go and elect a new Commission President, but certainly these are words that leave us very perplexed and risk being also an interference in the election campaign”. The reaction of Giorgia Meloni she is cautious: «It seems to me that von der Leyen has already sent a note to correct the interpretation given by the Italian press. It would have been frankly out of proportion to the role of the commission. When you step straight into a democracy of a member state, you are actually doing something that damages the credibility of the commission. So I advise caution, if you believe in the credibility of the European Commissioners and the Commission ».

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