Von der Leyen: “Negotiating with suppliers to reduce gas prices”. Spain and Belgium: “German plan jeopardizes the single European market”

The president of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen now proposes to “step up i negotiations with reliable suppliers to reduce the prices of imported gas of all kinds ”. It can be read in the letter that the president herself addressed to the EU leaders at the eve of the informal summit in Prague scheduled for tomorrow and Friday. “Thanks to trusted partners like Norway and the United States, we have been able to replace Russian gas at record speed. A negotiated corridor that reduces the costs of supplies by these partners would be in our mutual interest, ”she points out.

Today the German Minister of Economy Robert Habeck gave an interview in which he points out how the US is making big profits thanks to the sale of liquefied gas to Europe. Habeck added that the EU should act as a sole buyer by exploiting what he believes to be a position of great strength. “I propose to work together with Member States to develop a intervention to limit gas prices in the LNG market“Writes von der Leyen according to which l‘Ttf index is no longer representative “. Therefore “we should consider a price limitation linked to the TTF so that supplies continue to be ensured,” he adds. We will present our ideas to the Council and Parliament by the end of the year for a “structural” reformthat makes our electricity market suitable for a more decarbonised future “. The letter also underlines that “The Commission will examine complementary funding sources to increase the firepower of RePowerEu”

Today Spain and Belgium warned that the 200 billion euro plan approved individually by Germany in support of its citizens and businesses jeopardizes the European single market and constitutes a measure that distorts competition. The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez he said that although Germany’s move was “justified”, it would be important and preferable to “preserve a balance” to ensure fair competition across the Union. “These spending imbalances are dangerous” and risk “harming the European single market because everyone is acting on their behalf” agreed the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo in an interview.

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