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Program of the Year 2021: Accessible, simple and useful

Almost all of us use laptops or smartphones, but the programs do the real job. Of course, we do not think about it often, but all kinds of software relieve us of many hardships of everyday life. Additionally, we’re spoiled for regular updates, which are generally associated with improved performance and greater comfort.

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Imperators WP are the perfect event to choose the program of the year and appreciate the work that has been put into creating its next, more perfect version. We leave the decision in the hands of our readers and we look forward to the day when the best program of 2021 will be selected.

Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 is to be a new chapter in PC development. Is it really so? We will find out, among other things, thanks to the votes cast in the Imperatory WP plebiscite, so we strongly encourage you to select the king of the programs.

Windows 11 offers, among other things, visual changes in the interface, many refreshed system windows, as well as new contrasting sets that were created for people with eyesight problems. Improved support for multiple monitors, as well as support for devices with a touch screen. The possibility of direct data loading to the graphics card memory and integration with the Xbox Game Pass were also taken care of, which should please enthusiasts of electronic entertainment.


Android 12

Google’s Android 12 is not a human-like robot because it’s just an operating system. It’s a pity, but you have to admit that its new version brings visual changes that many people like. The layout of the lock screen has been improved, the one-handed mode has been introduced, and the gaming panel has been designed. The latter of the exemplary novelties is associated with the option of easy measurement of frames per second and screen recording.

Another great thing to note is the improved privacy management and easier checking of e.g. how often applications want extremely sensitive permissions. It cannot be denied that Android is currently one of the most important operating systems, but the real question is: has Android 12 won the hearts of our readers? We encourage you to cast votes for the 2021 program.


Blender 3.0

Blender 3.0 from Blender Foundation is a free 3D graphics creation tool, and you know that if something is for free, it has to be good, right? We’re kidding. The program is great because of the possibilities it offers, not its “freeware”. It is worth noting that the news related to version 3.0 includes faster file loading, a more efficient rendering engine, additional options for better personalization, improvements in the field of e.g. easier obtaining a more realistic character skin, as well as a refined Asset Browser.

We’ve listed some nice new features above, but these are just a few examples, and the enormity of all the changes can be overwhelming. Ultimately, the topic boils down to the fact that Blender 3.0 is a great alternative to 3DS Max and is appreciated by many professionals around the world. Do our readers consider Blender 3.0 their agenda of the year? Votes cast in the plebiscite will allow you to get to know the answer.


DaVinci Resolve 17

DaVinci Resolve 17 by BlackMagic Design is the new version of professional nonlinear video editing software with advanced tools dedicated to color control and correction. It sounds great, but it’s not the end, because despite the fact that it is a program largely intended for professional users, it is characterized by an extremely intuitive interface. In other words, DaVinci Resolve 17 is for the whole family, because everyone will feel comfortable in it.

The latest version is a number of improvements and news, and one of the more interesting information is the fact that thanks to full support for Apple M1 Pro and ‌M1‌ Max chips, DaVinci Resolve 17 will allow you to edit movies several times faster. This is important because in today’s reality everyone complains about the lack of time, so faster is better! So we encourage you to vote quickly for the best program of the year and decide if DaVinci Resolve 17 will be the winner.


Microsoft Office 2021

Creating tables and writing reports has never been so fun! We may be exaggerating a bit, but you have to admit that Microsoft’s Office is a suite of extremely popular work tools. Office 2021 is an interesting alternative for those who do not want to get into a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft Office 2021 users can count on improved performance and improvements in stability. Better work comfort will be provided, among others, by through the dark mode and the integrated Microsoft Search, which will translate into a coherent search environment. This means that when searching for a file, a specific person or a website, you can always use Microsoft Search without any problems. Sounds good? Decide if Microsoft Office 2021 is the program of the year. We invite you to vote. Go ahead!


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