Wakanda Forever, excellent receipts at the world box office

The second chapter of Black Panther wins immediately in the worldwide box office by quickly outperforming Black Adamsbut remaining below the desired results.

Black Panther conquers the world.

Black Panther conquers the world.

As industry analysts had predicted, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has awakened the world box office, where even though Black Adams dominated unchallenged, had failed to reach incredible levels, settling (for now) on 352 million dollars worldwide against a budget of one hundred and ninety-five. But in just one weekend Wakanda Forever Distinguished Competition has been left behind.

A panther weekend

In the first weekend of programming Wakanda Forever grossed $180 million domestically and $150 million worldwide for a total of $330 million. In Italy the film stood out with 4.1 million euros in the first six days of programming, becoming the fourth best-grossing in the first weekend of 2022 and the fifth since the beginning of the pandemic. In the UK it grossed fifteen million dollars, in France 13.7 million, in Mexico 12.8 million, South Korea 8.9 million and in Brazil 7.1 million. The data, reported by Deadlines Hollywoodalso offer a broader picture: 66.2 million in Europe, 52.5 in Asia Pacific and 31.3 million in Latin America.

The statement

Daniel Frigo, CEO of The Walt Disney Company Italia declared himself satisfied with the Italian success of Wakanda Forever in less than a week, because it indicates the desire of the public to return to the cinemas

This accomplishment represents the strong connection between audiences and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder and Wakanda Forever account for three of the top four grossers in the first weekend of 2022

And he adds that they are also three of the five best opening weekend collections since the beginning of the pandemic.

But it could have been better

At home Wakanda Forever it was placed in second place of the best collections in the first weekend, just under one hundred and eighty-seven million Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnessbelow the two hundred and two million of the first chapter, has become one of the best collections ever in November (but not the best) by beating the 157 million The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), the second best of the year and so far the thirteenth best of all time (source Box Office Mojo). Furthermore, the first chapter had grossed one hundred and five million dollars in China but now it is in doubt that the sequel will be accepted, limiting its collections.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever however, it has only just begun its journey in theaters and nothing prevents it from reaching or approaching the 1.38 billion dollars of the first chapter, given that the only obstacle on the horizon is Avatar: The Way of Waterarriving on December 14, we leave you with the most recent trailer in Italian and in the original language.

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