Walking, how many steps you need to take to lose weight: the precise number

It is often thought that many steps a day are required to lose weight. The reality is that they need less than you think. Here’s what the exact number is.

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Walk a path (Canva)


For those who want to lose weight there is nothing better than a little bit of sport activity, but there is no need to join the gym and undergo grueling training sessions. It’s enough walk and take a number of steps. That’s right, just walking, obviously at a little brisk pace, to improve our muscle mass and lose those extra pounds.

Although i summer months they may seem like those in which you tend to eat less, or prefer fresh fruit and vegetables because of the heat, but often during the holidays you tend to let yourself go a little, indulging in the pleasures of the table. The result is that you can find yourself with the balance needle moved forward.

Here then we run for cover, returning to a diet healthier and perhaps associating physical activity, depending on the chosen workout.

The benefits of walking: this is the number of steps to take to lose weight

There is a well-known theory according to which to lose weight it would take about 10,000 steps a day. In fact, the benefits of walking begin much earlier, with far fewer steps than many might think.

Walking brings multiple benefits to our body and also to our health, and literally extends our life. Just think that recently Matthew Ahmadiresearcher ofSidney University stated that “For less active individuals, our study shows that as little as 3,800 steps per day can reduce the risk of dementia by 25%.” He also stressed that just 2000 steps reduce the possibility of early death by 8/11%.

With 9800 steps the risk of dementia is even reduced by 50%, moreover the risk of having cardiovascular diseases is lowered, as the blood is more oxygenated thanks to physical activity. Also, do you want to put the tranquility that goes for a walk, albeit at a brisk pace, perhaps in the middle of a beautiful city park? A possibility to consider if you need to lose a few extra pounds but don’t want to play a discipline that is too impactful.

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