Wall Street closes in green on easing inflation

New York Stock Exchange closed on optimism about path of interest rates after fall in US inflation sharp increase Wednesday, his best session of the month. nasdaqThat includes many highly interest rate sensitive technology companies, jumped 1.15%. Dow Jones The index gained 0.26% and extended S&P500 There was an increase of 0.75% at the highest level since April 2022.

Big winners of the session were major technology stocks like meta


, AI-savvy investors’ favorite sees its stock jump after it announces talks with graphics card company chip designer armin order to become A benchmark investor in future IPOs. Microsoft

Meanwhile the FTC tasted its victory a day before a judge against the Competition Authority, which opposed its takeover of the video game maker activision, the biggest piece of the pie goes Domino’s Pizza

The stock market jumped after the announcement of an exclusive commercial agreement with Uber


Some bank securities were also searched, viz. Goldman Sachs

(+1.72%) or City Group

(+1.83%), while several quarterly banking results are expected this week.

bond yields Rates reacted strongly to the softening in inflation, falling sharply to 4.73% for two-year notes from 4.87% a day earlier and 3.85% for ten-year notes from 3.97% a day earlier. DollarIt fell 1.16% against the euro to a 16-month low of $1.1137 at around 9:35 pm Belgian time. “The dollar fell and that helped the commodity and equity markets,” said Karl Helling, analyst at LBBW. “It forces more buyers come to market,

“The market is showing some optimism soft landingNeither too hot nor too cold. It looks like a blonde economy,” he said, using the market phrase to describe an ideal state of activity. “The inflation outlook is weak enough to suggest that The rate hike in July will be the last of this cycle.”

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