Walmart is welcoming a new fast-food chain to its stores

Walmart stores in the U.S. will soon welcome a new fast-food chain. It turns out that the reputable company signed a commercial agreement with Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar to execute the plan. Fen Reyes, founder and CEO of Uncle Sharkii, commented on this topic. “My dream is to bring the essence of Sharkii Ohana to the millions of families who shop at Walmart.” Currently, the partnership is starting at just 10 locations in California.

Both entities believe the centers validate the idea of ​​bringing fast food into Walmart stores. The program is planned to launch in these areas for five months and then expand to other parts of the United States.

Uncle Sharkii currently has offices in California, Hawaii, Texas, and Utah. Its executives announced that they will soon open restaurants in Arizona and Nevada. The company knows exactly how to operate in multiple states at the same time. It also demonstrated its ability to scale after gaining customer approval.

House speciality: Poke

The specialty of Sharkii’s menu is the now famous Poke.this is a plate Traditional Hawaiian dish made from rice. Served with a variety of toppings, it’s very healthy. The result is a rice salad.

Sharkii’s chef confirms that poke can be paired with any meat, fish, vegetable or sauce. Across the world, it has become integrated in many ways with the typical products of Japanese cuisine.

Poke is currently popular in the United States because it is a faster and healthier alternative to traditional fast food.

One of the appeals of poke is that you can make your own dish from scratch.So everyone will taste their favorite blend It will include your favorite ingredients in the dish.

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