Walmart offers deals on Pioneer car audio with Bluetooth and LCD screen

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If you feel like the only thing your car is missing is powerful, high-quality sound, take advantage of these incredible offers: Walmart There is it here Pioneer car stereo with Bluetooth and LCD screen.

Additionally, you can purchase other discounted products, such as the waterproof Steren WiFi Security Camera, through Walmart’s physical stores or on its online page.

What are the features of Pioneer car audio with Bluetooth and LCD screen?

  • Bluetooth for hands-free and wireless audio.
  • Directly control iOS and some Android devices.
  • Siri eyes free.
  • The USB port glows.
  • 13-band equalizer.
  • LED backlight.
  • Fast USB charging.
  • Always connect 2 mobile phones.
  • Dustproof design.
  • In addition, this car audio also has a karaoke voice cancellation function.

The current price of this car audio with Bluetooth is 2,000 379 Mexican Pesos; That is, it is 2,571 pesos cheaper than the Mercado Libre.

How good are Pioneer brand car audio models?

It is worth mentioning that according to reviews from Mercado Libre users, the Pioneer brand is excellent, scoring 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Apart from this, according to, Pioneer is positioned as one of the best car audio brands in the world.

For the Pioneer car audio model DEH-S4150BT sold by Walmart, users highlighted “the sound quality of the car audio. As well as the color configuration on the screen and keyboard.” Additionally, they claimed that it “provides crisp and clear sound.”

How do you know if your Pioneer car audio is original?

  • Package. In the “Pirates” version, the colors look more worn than the original, because it’s magical.
  • in. When you open the package, it looks like it was wrapped in cheap airtight plastic; whereas the original was well packaged. Additionally, branding should be clearly visible at all times and not affixed at the last minute.
  • sound. Japanese companies have a lot of loyalty and power.

Where are Pioneer speakers and car stereos made?

According to its official website, most of Pioneer’s products are manufactured in China and Thailand.

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