Wanda Nara fired, Mauro Icardi blocks the check

October 26, 2022 11:32 am

The footballer would have removed her from her role as agent without paying her the commission for the transfer to Galatasaray

Nara-Icardi-L-Gante, the triangle no
The soap opera by Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi is enriched with new details. According to Turkish rumors, the footballer would have given the well-served to his agent after she got caught in bed with L-Gante. The dating with the rapper seems to have been going on for weeks and, since Wanda Nara officially declared separation from Mauro Icardi, the two are not even hiding. The footballer, who arrived in Istanbul in September, immediately tried to run for cover, chasing his wife in South America with the lawyer. But he would return without obtaining the desired result, despite – according to his story – they had a good time together in Argentina.

Wanda returns to Turkey but receives the welcome
After 30 days away from home, Wanda Nara returned to Turkey to hug her children again, but no comment on Mauro Icardi. He, on the other hand, would have reacted. The first move would have been the dismissal from the role of agent. And he would have denied the ex the one million euro fee established for her passage to Galatasaray. Of course, even if the working relationship between the two is compromised, the friction will be even greater. Meanwhile, the possible replacement managers gloat and come forward with the Argentine.

Illegitimate invoice
According to Turkish rumors, Wanda Nara would have sent her attorney’s bill to Galatasaray. But Mauro Icardi would have made it known that he had fired her and therefore her compensation at this point would be illegitimate. Wanda Nara, who has been manager of the football player in all these years of marriage, will surely be stunned. In recent days she said that she has always done her job well: “Sometimes there are intermediaries in the transfer process, but I was the only representative in Mauro’s transfer to Turkey. Only me. They can say what they want about me, but I always do my best in my job ”. Now, if you don’t get the money from the player’s passage to Istanbul, you can bet that she won’t take it well. After all, you can always retaliate by asking for a fairytale maintenance allowance …

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