Wanda Nara, with Seredova and Kristen Stewart: on the podium of the Italians for a summer escapade

At the top of the men’s wish list we find Wanda Nara who recently posted a naked video among the rocks of Ibiza and many hot shots shared on Instagram, showing herself as seductive as ever

August has always been considered the moment highlight of the summer, the “hottest” month for cheatingthe time of year when couples break out and in which gossip newspapers and social media are teeming with shots of sexy topless beauties or in bikinis. Here she is ranking of the hottest and most fascinating women of this summer 2022.

In first place we find Wanda Nara who recently posted a naked video on the rocks of Ibiza and many hot shots that the manager shared on Instagram, showing herself as seductive as ever.

«Wanda shows herself in all her beauty in a videos with high erotic content on the notes of “Hawaii” by Maluma, in a climax of sensuality: at first intent on one provocative showerthen showing off one of her own micro bikinis which do not leave much room for the imagination, with side B in full view and transparencies that reveal a bit of everything, thanks to the crystalline waters of Ibiza in a crescendo of eroticism, until Wanda shows herself completely naked on the rockslapped by marine waters: a content that could only inflame the web» reports Alex Fantinifounder of Incontri-ExtraConiugali.com.

And it’s precisely because of the half-naked celebrities —or totally naked— on social media that couples end up arguing and that the pair eventually break out. Returning to the preferences of men, this year it is in first place Wanda Narawhich —after his videos “hot” on Instagram— registers 90% of the consents. Also on the podium was the Czech naturalized Italian showgirl, model, actress and sports manager Alena Seredováwith 85% of the preferences and the American actress Kristen Stewart, which conquers 82% of the preferences. So the nice one Cecilia Rodríguez —the model and showgirl sister of Belén— who conquers 78%.

They then follow Ilary Blasi (75%), back in the limelight after the decision to take a sabbatical to focus on a new chapter of her life after the end of the marriage with the footballer Totti, and the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk with 74% of the preferences. Then again —surprise— Emma Brownin seventh place with 71% and —another big surprise — Simon Ventura, with which almost 7 out of 10 Italians (68% of the sample) would gladly have an adventure. The very Italian actress and influencer follow in the top 10 of men’s favorites Taylor Mega (65%), who with his increasingly captivating photographs is giving his fans a summer of great emotions, and Federica Nargi (62%) which closes the ranking in tenth place.

“This year the desire to escape is higher than ever and it is precisely the VIPs and celebrities most present on the media and on social networks that most stimulate men and women looking for a fleeting adventure. But it is also true that just treason —almost always consumed, but sometimes even just virtual— is there relief valve that in most cases does nothing but consolidate pre-existing relationships» he claims Alex Fantini.

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