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The War for the Overworld is a real-time strategy game that has gained amazing reviews from various publications as well as critics. It is one of the best games as far as strategy-based games are concerned. If you are a gamer, you would this video game which has been developed by Bright rock Games. It was released on the 2nd of April in the year 2015. But if you are not a regular game or in other words a complete fresher, you could start your gaming experience with War for the Overworld, as it is very easy to understand but then not so easy to crack. To know more about the game and its features, you can refer to the article below. The article will provide all the information that you would have to know before playing the game.

The War for the Overworld is a God game or a dungeon management video game that was developed by Brightrock Games. The game allows the player to play the game on both the single-player mode as well as the multiplayer mode. While playing the game, the players assume the role of the underworld who is tasked with constructing the dungeons which contain enemies, and the deadly traps who are ready to kill the wandering heroes. The video game in the initial point begins with a blank slate and it lets the player choose the location to fortify, build, or dig for creating the dungeon. 

The best part about this video game is that it lets the player play the game in real-time with players making decisions actively when the fighting occurs. This game has received amazing reviews from almost all the publications as well as the critics making it one of the best games developed by Bright rock Games.
What is the game about?

The game also requires micromanagement for keeping the minions working as well as supplying the food and the gold. The characters of the player in the game could also train as well as command the armies of the minions to vanquish the foes. The game also provides several spells that could injure the enemies and at the same time assist the minions during the time of battle. Now, as we understood what the game is all about. We can now shift our attention towards what features the game offers to the player. It has engaging gameplay with very attractive characters. You can make the best out of the game with the features it offers. 

War for the over the world is a super exciting game. The main reason behind its popularity is the features it offers. So, to know more about the features offered by this game, keep reading ahead: 
You can now start building up a wide range of defenses inside the walls for defending against, as well as the destruction of the people who invade your domain. 
The players can now start playing as an under lord who has just woke up from an intense sleep after an endless number of years. This realm also features a varied range of rivals, both Underlords, and heroes. All of them can stand in front of you as you continue fighting for overworld dominance. 

Empowering your forces or punishing your enemies with the game-changing factors that can let you do anything which includes raising a dead army to send the total map into a frozen and deep state. 

You can now select from more than 60 rooms, potions, spells, rituals, upgrades, and defenses in the entire series of Veins of Evil as you move ahead in the game and start developing your Evil flavour. 

Main features of the game 

War for the Overworld PC Game Download

Name War for the Overworld
Initial Release Date 2 April 2015
Real-time strategy, Indie game, God game
Developer Brightrock Games
Engine Unity
Brightrock Games
Mode(s) Multiplayer; single-player
Category PC Games >Strategy

How To Download War for the Overworld PC Instructions

  • Casting spells 

War for the Overworld – Minimum System Requirement

  • Construct your dungeon 

War for the Overworld – Recommended System Requirement

  • Commanding on Powerful Minions 

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