War in Ukraine, 26-year-old volunteer killed while delivering food to dogs in a shelter near Kiev: “She was a heroine”

Anastasiia Yalanskaya was 26 years old. She loved animals, especially dogs. She would never abandon them and that’s why she died. She was shot dead along with two other volunteers: the three were on their way to Bucha, 30 kilometers from Kiev. They were on their way to a shelter to bring food and help for the dogs staying at the facility.

Yalanskaya’s friends and family say his car was deliberately targeted at close range by Russian troops. They have not been able to say the reason for that killing, but they believe that Russian troops are killing more and more civilians at random to scare the population into submission.

“I asked you to be very careful. That nowadays a mistake costs a lot – says her husband Yevhen Yalanskyi -. But she was helping everyone she could. I asked her to think about evacuation, but she didn’t listen to me. “

Yalanskaya would never heed that advice. He would never abandon that kennel which had been without food for three days. A story of him on Instagram, posted just hours before his death, shows her sitting in the back seat of a vehicle, smiling in front of the camera, next to bags of dog food.

The first to notice the tragedy was Yalanskaya, her best friend who fled to Vinnytsia, 250 kilometers southwest of Kiev: after hours of silence she raised the alarm and contacted the father of a man who knew Yalanskaya. The trio were supposed to return to his home after the trip, and instead the man found their car riddled with bullets, not far from his home. They had delivered the dog food and were almost back. The holes on the vehicle indicate that the shooter did so from close range, using a heavy weapon.

The Russian jet shot down by the Ukrainians and the capture of the unharmed pilot

Although there was no formal identification of her body, Yalanskaya had a driver’s license and has distinctive tattoos that have been identified by friends. His body remains in a morgue in Bucha, because the fighting is so intense that no one can make it, says Hryshchenko.

“He was one of the best human beings I knew. She was busy helping, helping her friends and relatives of her and anyone who needed help – explains her husband from whom she was now separated but with whom she had remained on good terms -. She loved animals. We had a dog and a cat. She was the best partner she ever had. She was a heroine. ‘

Ukraine, the devastation of Kharkiv: stories and scenarios from the war front

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