War in Ukraine, Russia enlists hepatitis and HIV patients: “They have identification bracelets”

The partial mobilization, wanted by Vladimir Putin to enlist reservists to send in war in Ukraine, so far it does not seem to have given the desired results. Too many desertions and, above all, the escapes abroad of those who had been summoned to the barracks and who managed to make themselves unavailable. A difficult situation, also certified by what was revealed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense: Russia is recruiting some prisoners suffering from serious and contagious infectious diseases, such ashepatitis C ol ‘HIV.

Russian soldiers in Ukraine: “We have gloves for children and paintball masks.” Social complaints

Ukraine, Russia enlists enlisted hepatitis and HIV patients

According to the Kiev Ministry of Defense, the Wagner group, the paramilitary organization of the Kremlin, is responsible for the recruitment of prisoners suffering from particularly serious infectious diseases: “The recruitment has taken on a massive character, the prisoners enrolled are already several hundred” . And as if that were not enough, in addition to being forced to serve their sentences by fighting in Ukraine, sick prisoners would be forced to wear some bracelets of different colors, which indicate their pathologies: red for those with HIV and white for those with hepatitis C.

Anger and discrimination

According to the Ukrainian secret services, Moscow’s decision has fueled discontent within the Russian military. Both the mercenaries of the Wagner group and the military doctors would be furious at the idea of ​​having to fight alongside sick and contagious people. In particular, doctors refuse to treat or assist those with hepatitis or HIV. Kiev also assures that among the Russian soldiers taken prisoner, there are already some suffering from serious and contagious infectious diseases. The conscription of detainees has become a common practice for Russia, since at least the middle of last summer. And Ukraine has also begun to do the same, commuting the sentences of captured Russian soldiers.

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